Happy Holi 2020: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Fcebook, Whatsapp Status Images And Greetings

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Happy Holi 2020: One of the greatest Hindu festivals, Holi is celebrated worldwide from all corners especially in India. Also known as the festival of colours, this year, Holi will be celebrated on March 10, 2020. Holi is welcomed in India with lots of colours of happiness, sweets, gulaal, pichkaari, dance, drinks and what not! Overall, joy and happiness are spread over on the smile of many which touch heart truly. Being an ancient Indian festival, Holi is also known as Basant Utsav, Lathmar Holi, Khadi Holi, Shigmo, Yaoshang, Holi Mohalla.

In this article, we have presented best Happy Holi wishes, quotes, WhatsApp images you can share it with your family and friends. So what you are waiting for, scroll below, pick one, and share everywhere to your loved ones. Especially, make this vibrant festival special through this Happy Holi messages and images for the people who stay far away from you.

Before that, learn something new about Indian Holi festival.

Why Holi Is Celebrated?

Every festival in India has a story behind it. And Holi has its own story! Based on religious beliefs, a king named Hiranyakashyap use to hate gods and especially Lord Vishnu. The king count himself the most powerful ones. But, Prahlada, his son was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu which was not liked by Hiranyakashyap. The king used to scare his son, came up with many plans to prevent him from worshipping Lord Vishnu. But, Prahlada would not listen to one, he was absorbed in the devotion of his God.

One day Hiranyakashyap came up with a plan. He asked his sister Holika to sit on the altar of fire with Prahlada. Holika had a boon that she cannot burn the fire, she has victory over the fire. At that time Prahlada engrossed in devotion to his Lord Vishnu. But as a fire lit up, instead of Prahlada, Holika started burning. And she was reminded through Akashvani that if she misuses her power, then she herself will be burnt to ashes and that exactly what happened. Prahlada’s fire was not spoiled.

How Holi Is Celebrated?

Traditionally, Holi festival is celebrated for two days. The first day is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi where Holika is lit on fire. People gather at night and perform rituals in front of a bonfire.

And on the second-day friends, family, and foes throw colour powders, abir-gulal on each other, laugh, gossip and share food and drinks together. Special Holi Songs are sung or played in loudspeakers. Drums and Bhang play the main role on this festive occasion. Water-filled balloons and water guns are used. This day is known as Dhulendi, Dhurkhel, Dhurdi, Rangwali Holi or Dhulivandan.

Overall, the colour of the vibrant festival touches the heart and bring a smile on the faces of many.

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Best Happy Holi Wishes For Family

  1. This year, let us together burn all the negativity and bring all the positivity into our life. I Wish You HappyHoli and Stay Healthy.


  1. Wishing you and your family joy, happiness, and success, this Holi and always! Have a colourful Holi!


  1. Today is the perfect day to Thank God and family for their blessings because of whom we are standing here. Thank You. Happy Holi.


  1. Break the walls of sorrow, remove the differences and wishing everyone today to have a bright future. Wishing you and your family a Safe Holi.


  1. Wishing you and your family stay coloured with colours of fun, happiness, and laughter. Happy Holi!


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Best Happy Holi Wishes For Friends

  1. Just like new colours this Holi, let’s have a fresh start with a more strong friendship. Have a colourful Holi.


  1. We laugh, we fight, we hug, we cry. We are together in all emotions. So why not let’s dance together and play with colours this Holi. Happy Holi my friend.


  1. This Holi, let’s do something new. We will not throw colours to each other because we will be the colour. Have a colourful Holi.


  1. Fun and Enjoyment is BACK finally. Wake up. Fill your hands with colours and don’t forget to put it on your face too. Happy joyous Holi.


  1. Wash your worries with different colours this festival, Splash it up! It’s Holi. Happy Holi!


  1. I am sending you the happiest colours to you with the hope that your life is filled up with all colours of rainbow making your life happy. Happy Holi!
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Best Happy Holi Wishes For Love/Couples

  1. Today is the day we express love through colours. And I wish my love mixes so well with colours that bring a smile on your face. Have a Happy Holi with lots of love!


  1. You made me fall in love with your different shades in life, just like we have different colours this Holi. Every shade of colour teaches something new which helped us to grow. Happy Holi my love.


  1. I will always be there in your heart, whether I am near or far. That’s doesn’t matter. Because true love remains the same just like true colours of Holi. Have a wonderful Holi this year.


  1. You are the reason for my smile and the colour of my life. I am sending you colourful wishes to your heart. Happy Holi love.


  1. Happiness And Love is the most beautiful colour in life which I wish should stay forever with you. Happy Holi!


  1. Let’s throw colours on-air and renew our love with romantic colours again this Holi. Happy Holi!

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Best Happy Holi Messages/Poems

  1. This year,

Enjoy More, Play More

Drink More, Smile More

And Be YOU

Have a Happy Holi!


  1. Enjoy the day with a smile

Enjoy the day with dancing

Enjoy the day with singing

Enjoy the day with fullest

Don’t let keep things incomplete this Holi

Because Holi comes once in a year.


  1. Bright Colours

Water Guns

Tasty Sweets

Melodious Songs

Are Ingredients of Perfect Holi


  1. Red is love,

Blue is a song,

Yellow is music,

Green is dance, &

Pink is for joy.

I wish all these colours fall on you.

Happy Holi.


  1. Fall in love with Sweets

Make friendship with Thandai,

And let different colours be your life

Happy Holi!


  1. Forgive your haters,

Remember those who are near you

Spread love and happiness

Have an Awesome Holi!


  1. Remember this mantra

MORE the colour

MORE the Sweets

MORE the Dancing

The happier you will be

Stay Happy Always

Happy Holi!


  1. Har ang Holi!

Har rang Holi!

Har umang Holi!


Happy Holi Images

Share this HappyHoli Images to your loved ones.

White and Teal Photo Holi Festival Facebook Post 1

White and Teal Photo Holi Festival Facebook Post 2


Best Happy Holi Wishes in Hindi/Holi Shayari

  1. Lal “RANG” Suraj se,

Neela “RANG” asma se,

Gulabi “RANG” gulab se,

Haraa “RANG” hariyali se,

Tammam khushiya mile apko,

Ye dua karte hai hum dil se



  1. Holi tyohar hai Rango ka,

Bhaang hai hum sab yaaron ka

Ghar mein aaye mehmano ka

Gali mein gali walon ka

Desh mein deshwalo ka.

Mohalle mein mahoul waalo ka

Boora naa maano

Holi hai bhai Holi hai!


  1. Rangon ki varsha,

Gulal ki fuhaar

Suraj ki kirane,

Chandan ki khushboo

khushiyon ki bhochaar, aur

apno ka pyaar

Mubarak ho apko Holi ka tyohaar.


  1. Mausam ka mijaz badiya ho,

Phoolon ki kaliya kachi ho

Hmari yeh dosti pyari ho,

Bhagwan bas ek dua hai ki

Mere dost ka har tyoharr acha ho.

Happy Holi!


  1. Pyaar ke rangon se bharo pichakaaree,

Sneh ke rangon se rang do duniya saaree

Ye rang na jaane na koee jaat na bolee,

Sabako ho mubaarak

Happy Holi!


  1. Dil sapano se housefull hai,

Poore honge vo doubtful hai,

is duniya mein har cheez wonderful hai,

par zindagee aap jaise logon se hi colourful hai!


  1. Dooriyaan dil kee miten, har kaheen anuraag ho.

na dvesh ho, na raag ho, aisa yahaan par phaag ho.


  1. Ishq ki holi khelna chhod diya hai humane,

varana har chehare pe rang sirf hamara hi hota


  1. Apne dosti mein rang laane ke liye,

rangon se dosti kare is saal.

Happy Holi!


  1. Holi ke din ye mulaakaat yaad rahegee,

Rango ki ye barasaat yaad rahegee,

Apako mile rangeen duniya aisee,

Hamesha ye meree dua rahegee.


  1. Raadha ke rang aur kanhaiya ke pichakaaree,

Pyaar ke rang se rang de duniya sari,

Happy Holi!

Best Happy Holi Wishes For Brothers And Sisters

  1. Hi Sister/Brother, I Wish You Good Health, More Happiness And Achievements, And May Allah Bless You With Lots of Love and Happiness. HappyHoli!


  1. A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud, sending you a soft SMS with chocolates and flowers to express my heartiest feelings. Enjoy Holi with a lot of fun.


  1. Say Hi to Holi this year, don’t be shy my sister/brother, paint yourself with a rainbow colour this year. Happy Holi!


Best Happy Holi Status And Captions

  1. Fill your eyes with colours of love, paint the world with colours of affection. This colour has no language or no caste is spoken, Happy Happy Holi to all.


  1. The heart is houseful with dreams, whether it will be full, seems doubtful, everything in this world is wonderful, but life is colourful from people like you!


  1. Happy Holi #HoliVibes #HolikaDahan #FoodAndFun


  1. Holi is a time to love and forgive others with a taste of sweet and bhang. Wish you a Happy Holi.


  1. A cute smile, some words of cheer and joy, a bit of special love from someone special and best happy wishes for the colourful festival. That’s all we need to make an occasion perfect!


  1. Brightest colours to smear each other, water balloons to cheer, a heart full of love to share, melodious songs to hear and lavish foods to eat are the most perfect ingredients for a perfect Holi. Let’s start!



White and Teal Photo Holi Festival Facebook Post 3

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