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Climbing stairs Health Benefits: It helps keep your brain young

Health Benefits of Climbing Stairs

People nowadays refrain from climbing stairs regularly. They feel very lazy and bored to climb stairs. Even if your house is on the first level, people refrain from using stairs and prefer the elevator.  The stairways in many buildings often stay unattended. But people don’t realize that climbing stairs can help you stay physically fit and active. It can also help develop brain health. Climbing stairs also improves our cardio vascular fitness. It is a vigorous form of exercise and burns more calories than jogging. It requires a lot more of physical strength than jogging. Here are a few areas that are developed with the help of climbing staircases.

climbing stairs health benefits
climbing stairs health benefits

Climbing Stairs Health Benefits: 

  1. Heart, mind, muscles and bones

Stair climbing helps protect against high blood pressure, weight gain and clogged arteries by raising our heart rate. It helps lower risk of developing chronic conditions like heart diseases, vascular dementia, diabetes or even cancer. Climbing is a great exercise for our bones and muscles. It increases our strength. It tones our muscles. Climbing stairs causes

our bodies to release endorphins, the so-called feel good hormones. They help in managing everyday stress and tension.

  1. Easy to include in your life

It is very easy to make climbing stairs an essential part of our lives. It makes significant difference in our well-being. It blends very well with our modern urban life. Firstly because it is not at all expensive. You can start it and increase it day by day. You can feel more active as it increases the blood flow in the body as well.

  1. Climbing stairs better than walking

Walking and climbing stairs are both powerful forms of exercise. But climbing is way better than mere walking. Climbing requires you to pull your leg against the gravity which increases the effort level thus providing better results.

In today’s lazy yet busy world we often tend to ignore health condition. Climbing stairs regularly and in a way promoting good health is an essential way to make us feel stronger and increases immunity.

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