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Huda Kattan: Self made woman behind the largest cosmetics brand “Huda Beauty”!



Huda Kattan

Huda beauty, a very known and hyped name for all the girls out there. Little does anyone know, this is the original multi cosmetic and fragrance brand created by a woman named Huda Kattan. Well, the brand was originally a blog run by her in 2010. It finally evolved into a $1.2 billion dollar company. With enormous appreciation and growing sells of her product, she has earned a total of 40.9 million followers on Instagram and over 3.78 million on YouTube. She not only has a huge fan base but also her products are used by top models, fashion influencers, makeup artist, celebrities all over the world.

Huda Kattan

PC: Huda Kattan instagram


Her Early Life.

The 36 year old Iraqi-American Entrepreneur is the middle daughter of immigrants from Iraq and was born in Oklahoma, US. She faced a lot of problems being a non-white , faced racism and differentiation. She loved makeup since her early age. She kept on building her confidence and found that confidence in make-up. She studied buisness and finance at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She got a PR job n Dubai right after her graduation. But for her achieving her passion and dreams were most important things than her job. She started off as a make-up artist, but she struggled finding clients.


How did it all start – Huda Beauty.

She started a blog named Huda Beauty, which mainly focused on Make-up tutorials, tips and tricks. Her regular connectivity with her audience made her secure a presence on the social media platforms. She took a small financial loan from her sisters and started growing her brand. Her first successful attempt was when her self made false eyelashes got sold out on the first day of its launch. She launched her own line of faux mink lashes. She gained praise from big names like Kim Kardashian West and other celebrities worldwide. After this her brand started to gain significance.

Her net worth is $610 million. She is also listed as one of the richest self-made women and one of the top three Beauty influencers by Forbes.


Huda Beauty hit over $1.5 million sales in the first year of its launch. The second year hit $10 million. Quite a growth! Apart from being the bestsellers at Sephora in the Middle-East, the company acquired over 900+ stores all over U.S.

India is also not behind. Huda Beauty has been the most hyped cosmetic brand and recognizable company in India and among Indian people. Huda Kattan remains thankful to the internet, which has been the ultimate platform for her to showcase her creativity and talent.


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Fair Skin Ads Will Lead To 5 Year Jail And Rs 50 Lakhs Fine




The Health and Family Welfare Ministry of India proposed a draft amendment of the Drugs and Magic Remedies bill under the Objectionable Advertisements Act of 1954 to include a stringent punishment for advertisements that involved a fine up to Rs. 50 Lakhs and a jail term of up to five years.

This draft amendment added several conditions, diseases, and disorders to the bill along with the pre-existing conditions covered in the Act. the Act mentions that medicines of magic remedied and products to cure any of the 54 diseases, disorders or conditions in the list should not be advertised.

The new addition to the list increases the total from 54 to 78 that includes advertisements of drugs that promoted fair skin, enhancing sexual performance, improvement of heights in adults or children, increase in brain capacity and memory, improvement in strength of teeth and vision, change of fetal gender, curing AIDS, treating stammering, infertility, premature aging and greying of hair.

Under the Act, the first conviction is punishable with a jail term of six months or fine or both. A subsequent conviction can lead to jail term of one year or fine or both. This amendment further proposed to increase penalties where the first conviction would lead to a jail term of two years and a fine up to Rs 10 lakhs and for subsequent conviction the jail term to be increased to five years and fines to be increased up to Rs 50 lakhs.

According to the Ministry, this amendment is being made to be in pace with the dynamic time and technology. Along with that, suggestions, comments and objections from public and stakeholders will be sought which would be forwarded within 45 days from the date of issuance of the notice. The draft amendment will also try to expand the definition of an advertisement which would add “any audio or visual publicity, representation, endorsement or pronouncement made utilizing light and sound, gas or smoke, print media or electronic media, internet website and includes any kind of notice, circular, label, wrapper, invoice, banner, poster or such other documents” to the existing definition.

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Kylie Jenner become Youngest billionaire: Net Worth $1billion



Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Photo Credit: Instagram

21 years old, Kylie Jenner, model, entrepreneur & television personality, now becomes the Worlds Youngest self-made billionaire with net worth $1billion, according to Forbes magazine on March 5, 2019, because of the success of Kylie Cosmetics. She even left Mark Zuckerberg behind.

Kylie Jenner in 2015 started her own cosmetics company named as ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ of Liquid lipstick and lip liner set, worth $9million valued by Forbes in 2018. She also released a mobile app, it turned out as number one on the iTunes App store. She once won Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Reality star: Female of ‘Keeping Up’ in 2014.

She’s having huge influence among youth on social media such as Instagram & Twitter. Kylie Jenner is on the list of top ten followed people on Instagram, having 122 million followers and on Twitter 26.6 million followers.

Kylie Jenners first Lip kits were sold out within a minute in 2015 and get revenue $4.2 million in just first 18 months. Kylie Cosmetics sold by Topshop in across the United States and also sold their products at Ulta.

She collaborated with several celebrities for Kylie Cosmetics includes some of her half-sisters like Kim Kardashian-West, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian and also with her mother Kris Jenner.
Jenner collab with her best friend Jordyn Woods called as the Kylie × Jordyn collection. The Collection contains eyeshadow palette, a mini highlighter palette, lip glosses, and lipsticks.

Jenner in February 2018 launched her very first non-collaborative collection and she dedicates her collection to her daughter who was born earlier before the launch.

This year in February 2019, Kylie Jenner launched Valentine collection, which sold out very quickly. Valentine collection contains one eyeshadow palette, lip sets with liquid matte lipsticks, lip glosses and lip pencil and blush, which is new and called a crush.

Kylie Jenner thanks Forbes for declared her in the list of the youngest self-made billionaire, even younger than Mark Zuckerberg.

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Best Mehendi designs for Karva Chauth to beautify your hands and feet




Each Indian woman celebrates Karva Chauth for her husband’s long life. Karva Chauth is one of the imperative celebrations of India. Women do makeup, wear new outfits, new jewelry, additionally apply Mehendi and some more.Karva Chauth Mehendi design is one of the vital parts of the celebration. Are you looking for the best Mehendi designs for Karva Chauth? Do you like to refer an amazing Karva Chauth Mehendi designs images for upcoming festivity? Then you are in the right place. Because you have entered the marvelous world of Karva Chauth Mehendi designs galleries!

Here come easy Mehendi designs for Karva Chauth with unique designs. With these huge collections of Karva Chauth Mehendi designs pictures, you can get a beautiful henna design on your hands and palms.

Every woman like to start with Karva Chauth Mehendi designs hands, which is the main thing in celebration. Because a primary thing is hand should be adorned with astounding Mehendi designs. Karva Chauth Mehendi designs photos hot collections includes all these stuff.

Uncomplicated Karva Chauth Mehendi design, Yet Classy!


Karva Chauth is an auspicious celebration. This is one motivation behind why women and recently wedded women want to go to the conventional path in Mehendi designs. Yes, the full Mehendi pattern is a passion in many women, especially wedded young women.

Complex Yet Awesome Mehendi

In the event that it’s your first Karva Chauth after your marriage, you want to make it look stunning. Which is the reason, go for complicated Mehendi designs that have more detailed and intensity than just simplicity.

Stunning best Mehendi designs images  which suit Hands And Feet

While accomplishing Karwa Chauth Mehendi designs, give careful consideration to your hands and feet with these amazing designs. This is A new enthusiasm is to wear delightful flower cum-verdant themes with meriting adornments as well.

Modern Two-in-One Mehndi

Got astonished by the name? This is a wedding Mehendi, which has geometrical designs, bends, circles, lines, and squares. You should apply this Mehendi design on the day of Karwa Chauth.

You simply part an outline into two. At that point draw one portion of the Mehendi outline on one hand and the other half in the other hand. When you convey both the hands near each other in a joining spot, what comes to the final result is a finished with outstanding Karva Chauth Mehendi designs hands

Half  Mehendi is a latest Mehendi designs for Karva Chauth

This Karwa Chauth Mehendi outline is half unfilled, half full. It implies half of your hands and palms are planned in Mehendi, while the other half is left clear. These unusual

Mehendi designs are most demanded by most of the young women on the occasion while this outline gets motivation from Arabic style.

Extraordinary Palm Mehndi find in Karva Chauth Mehendi designs galleries! 

The vast majority of you are being stylish on the day of Karva Chauth. You can also draw these Karva Chauth Mehendi designs images on your cute palms. In any case, ensure the lines must be thick to emphasize your palm’s artistic beauty!

Least Mehendi design sometimes looks elegant!

Some of the time even less pays rich profits. Same in the situation with Mehendi designs done on Karva Chauth. Rather than drawing designs everywhere throughout the hands and feet, it bodes well to go for a marginal Mehendi running over the feet.

Attractive ornamental  Mehendi relies on rich design

Here you can see Karva Chauth Mehendi designs, which is furnished with precious stones, dots, and stones that can be included to make Mehendi designs look shining and eye-catching.

So what type of Karva Chauth Mehendi designs images you want to use in the upcoming festival? Pick A distinctive and gorgeous Mehendi design that may inspire many!

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Want to lighten dark skin around the lips? Try these simple and effective remedies



dark skin around the lips

Are you stressed about the Dark skin around the lips? This is a common skin-related issue for a few people the world over. Various factors, for example, threading or waxing can make the skin around your lips to become dark.

Many of the youngsters use cosmetics things like concealers, and so forth to get rid of dark skin around the lips. But it’s not a permanent solution. There are many simple and safe home remedies you can find to lighten the dark skin around your lips. So read on to know about these remedies and the most effectual way to use them for lightening dark skin around your lips

Natural remedies to lighten dark skin around the lips:

Lemon juice

It is extraordinary compared to other cures with regards to blanching your skin normally as it contains a citrus extract that keeps the event of dark skin cells and treats dark patches. Take a lemon and cut into equal parts. Take one half and tenderly rub it around your lips.

Sandalwood and turmeric

A mix of sandalwood and turmeric is another cure that is viable in treating the dark skin around the lips. You should simply blend a little measure of sandalwood with a squeeze of turmeric powder and include a couple of drops of rose water to set up a paste. Apply this paste on the affected region and let it dry. Flush your face with water after 15-25 minutes


Potato Often hailed as an extraordinary normal blanching operator, the potato is a strong solution for evacuating dark skin around lips. Cut a couple of cuts of a raw potato and place them around lips Give them a chance to remain there for 15-20 minutes before washing your face with lukewarm water. repeat this approach regularly for best results


Another successful cure you can endeavor to dispose of dark skin around your lips is oats. To set up this remedy, you’ll require oats tomato juice and olive oil. Blend every one of the fixings well and apply this mask on the affected area. Wash off your face with cool water.

Olive Oil

olive oil is another cure that is stacked with skin brightening properties that can help the skin around your lips. Apply a bit of olive oil onto the affected region and leave it there for overnight. flush it off with lukewarm water in morning. repeat this every day to lighten dark skin around the mouth

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is likewise feasible in treating dark and sun-tanned skin. Take a fresh crisp aloe vera leaf, cut it and scoop out the gel from it. Tenderly back rub your face and skin around the lips with this gel and leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with cool water late

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6 awesome natural skin moisturizers you can find in your kitchen



natural skin moisturizers

Our body requires vitamins, minerals, and different supplements to function at its best and our skin also needs moisturizers for its best nourishment. Hydrating your skin is basic to keep up its natural beauty. A very much hydrated skin will assist you with banishing those marks of aging such as wrinkles, dry patches and breakouts. Here are 6 natural skin moisturizers that you can find in your kitchen itself, which will help you to attain the perfect radiance!

6 natural skin moisturizers you can find in your kitchen:

  1. Shea Butter

Shea Butter is one of the best natural skin moisturizers and wealthy in vitamin A, which eases dry skin, as well as can ease skin inflammation, dermatitis, sunburn and bug chomps. It likewise has large amounts of skin-accommodating vitamin F, which contains unsaturated fats that can help typical cell development and keep skin youthful looking. while buying shea butter, it’s important to look for a product that should not be more than 18 months old.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil works wonder on your skin. You can see benefits by essentially spotting a bit on dry skin patches. Olive oil contains a compound discovered normally in our skin known as linoleic acidic. This lipid makes a water barrier that keeps skin from losing  moisture. Strangely, linoleic acidic can’t be produced by the body and should originate from foods. Studies have demonstrated that olive oil isn’t just a successful moisturizer, yet that it likewise can ease the marks of skin aging conditions like rosacea, eczema.psoriasis, and dermatitis

3. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a brilliant wellspring of water for your body, both all around. Stuffed with supplements like magnesium, potassium, vitamins A and E, cucumbers advance blood flow and mending, both of which advantage skin, bones and nails. The vegetable additionally lessens wrinkles and advances a sparkling appearance, and can treat puffiness around the eyes as a result of their high water content. You can simply place slices of cucumber over your eyes for a simple de-puffer. You can likewise puree a cucumber and include a couple of drops of honey to make an alleviating, hydrating face mask

4. Castor oil

Castor oil is a marvelous and natural skin moisturizers for your skin. It has an elevated concentration of fatty acids, allowing it to promptly suck up into the skin. It’s an effectual oil for dry patches and hydrates the skin from the inside out as its linoleic acid generate a barrier that avoid skin from losing dampness. rub a few drops onto dry skin each night.

5. Honey

Honey isn’t only delightful to eat, it has some quite tempting advantages for your skin. It can draw water particles from the air toward your skin, to moisturize your skin naturally. To get the saturating advantages of the syrupy stuff, crumble two tablespoons of honey in an equivalent measure of water and Apply to the skin, hold up 10 minutes and after that flush. It’s a sweet moisturizer for dry skin.

6. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is wealthy in lactic acid, an element found in numerous costly skincare brands. Why? It’s a star at separating and evacuating dead skin cells, accelerating cell turnover and rejuvenation. Also, new skin cells are equal to the more youthful looking skin. These new cells get the additional advantage of being showered in every one of the supplements found in buttermilk, making it awesome natural skin moisturizers. Wet a cloth in cold buttermilk and place it on your face for five to ten minutes. After that Gently rinse.

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