Best home remedies to get rid of white hair

Natural black hair has a gorgeousness of its own. Many of the people get white hair at an earlier age. There are lots of reasons for white hair such as pollution, depression, improper food systems and use of chemical based hair products. All these aspects produce white hair and as a result, even at the young age, you begin to look older. As we all know prevention is better than cure. So, let’s know how to avoid growth of white hair. Just glance at below Best home remedies for white hair which work effectively on your hair

Rosemary Powder & Amla powder

A combination of rosemary powder and amla powder is considered to be very effectual in curing the problem of white hair. Mix a little amount of natural amla powder and henna powder into water. Leave that paste at least for 2 hours. Apply this remedial paste to the roots of hair and scalp thoroughly. Rinse after one hour to get natural black hair


Onion is also a useful home remedy for premature graying of hair. The juice of onion assists in preventing premature graying and baldness. Apply the onion juice on your scalp and massage well to get relief from white hair. You can follow this solution before sleeping every night and keep it for overnight.

Triphala Powder

Triphala is the best solution for recovering dead cells of the scalp; it works to solve each issue of hair. Take one teaspoon of Triphala powder with water before going to bed. You will get rid of white hair very soon.

Black tea

Black tea is also the very helpful home remedy for white hair. It reduces the whiteness of hair at the young age as it contains natural antioxidants. It also helps for the growth of your hair and gives the healthy shine. Boil little quantity of black tea in water for five minutes and let it cool and wash your hair with this remedial solution every day to get the amazing results.

Amla powder and Lemon juice

Amla contains vitamin C and anti-aging properties. It diminishes deficiency of melanin and takes out dead cells from the scalp. Mix  4 tsp of amla powder with 2 tsp of water and lemon juice and keep the paste on the scalp at least for one hour.

You can use this paste as shampoo or apply this paste on your scalp and hair roots during a bath. After 20 minutes you can wash it with clean water. But never use your regular chemical based shampoo while you follow this remedy.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves can also be consumed to treat the white hair very efficiently. It is therefore suggested to boil a few curry leaves in water and apply the solution on your hair. The natural properties of curry leave assist in regrowth of original black color of the hair.

 Castor Oil

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents that help to treat white hair problems and baldness. Massage castor oil on your hair at least twice in a week; Apply at night and wash in the morning to get best results.

Black Sesame Seeds

Although black sesame seed may be small in size it is an efficient source of nutrition and antioxidants. Also, it contains the rich source of protein and Omega 6 fatty acids that cures white hair problems.

There are two choices of using sesame for getting rid of white hair. First one is you can mix black sesame seeds with yogurt. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach to find successful results.

The second method is, grind some black sesame seeds and add the Amla oil. Apply it to your hair roots and keep this solution at least for 30 minutes. Use this mixture once daily and at least for a couple of weeks. It is an effective and best home remedies for white hair.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is one of the healthy drink and contains few key ingredients that help to get relief from white hair. Drink a glass of fresh carrot juice on an empty stomach every morning. It is best natural remedy to cure white hair.

So, say goodbye to white hair and treat your hair with these beneficial home remedies using best natural ingredients and quit using chemical based hair products which will spoil your hair quality. Stay Blessed!!


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