The First Freedom; What you remember most of your college life?

It is not the entire whole, but of course a timeline of our lives where we want to see the horizon. We can’t afford to take our lives on a cruise vacation; but we can see the sunset skyline of the city from the deck of the ferry and even if we don’t manage a ferry, we would still soak up the happiness of life from sailing paper boat in the rain.

There are lots of enchanting things of college life we can remember in our later lif
e.  The thrill of  Independence from parental curfews, experience new living, meeting new people, finding new passions,  books of college days which later turns as a curious nostalgia. Within lots of things, the thing which stays with us like little longer than forever; that is Campus life in a whole. College campuses are special enclaves. But what makes it special?


Freedom; It is the storm that finds us when we search for winds!

The freedom which starts from college life is a strange kind of happiness that lifts our spirit. It is not for the boundless joy, liberty or to see life through the new perspective only; it is the life of freedom to meet with the diverse range of people and to prove yourself every day.

Freedom of college life is not a backdrop; it’s the foreground of the future. It’s a journey of change; a journey from experiment to experience. In secondary school, we were always being checked up on to a certain extent by, but in college, we are our own superior.  It is the time to bank the classes and to take responsibility for our own studies, it is the time to dream and to understand the difference between ambition and dream, it is the time for meeting with new people and not to feel alone in the crowd, it is the time to make friends and to experience break up. In reality, we can’t believe in fairy tales and the first freedom in college life is not a fairytale; but it is not less than it. The fairy tale of our childhood nights has a happy ending, but the first essence of freedom which we find in college life has no endings. It is because, with that presence of freedom, we dare to weave a dream and fight all the battles of reality to make it real someday.  This is the freedom that makes us believe that without a crown on our head, we would remain the prince or princess. It is the period when we learn to see a lifetime of miracles with the blue skyline and pink lily plant.

Change and freedom are the one thing we love incredibly our college life. Behind all of our lives, there lies the college life’ s memories; the memories of friendship, love, denial, acceptance, sleepless night, quarrels, agony and fear we all faced individually… and ahead of us, there waits uncountable days of a lifetime where we live the same things differently.

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