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7 Things Women Notice First About Men

Men say it is difficult to understand women. Well, we won’t lie, it does get a little tough sometimes. There are a million questions in their mind especially when it comes to how women perceive them at first glance. But, the one question we know, just doesn’t get out of their head is what is the first thing women notice in men?

There is no one-shot answer to that question but we know for a fact that this isn’t something out of the world but rather simple.

1.)  Smile:

All things aside and one warm smile is enough for a woman to seek interest in any man. A broad smile conveys the message that you are friendly and comforting and women do like when men take the first step given that, they already had their eyes on you.

2.)  Eyes: 

This does seem to be cliché but trust us women do notice such small little things even at first glance. They say eyes are the windows to one’s soul. It does seem to be true because women don’t like bushing around when it is about finding a potential partner.


3.)  Personality:

You may have heard that women fall for bad boys very easily. Well, they don’t look at your academics report or how many girls you have dated before but the personality. Remember when we say personality we are not talking about how good your facial features are or how handsome you look rather how very confident you are or how well you carry yourself.

4.)  Hairstyle:

Your hair can be the first thing they look at even before their eyes meet yours. No, we are not kidding. Your hairstyle does matter to women. It shows how well-groomed you are and how much attention you pay to the small little things. As we said before, women are all about those small details.

 5.)  Dressing sense:

This isn’t what all the women pay attention to, but few of them certainly do. If it is your first meeting you should surely devote good time in deciding what is it that you are going to wear. Your dressing sense says a lot about you as a person. For example, if you decide to go with classic black formals it says you are mostly busy in your work and don’t hang out much whereas if you have some fun colours and prints in your outfit, it says you are a rather fun and outgoing person.

6.)  Shoes:

As we come to the second last point of this list you must know that your shoe cannot escape their prying eyes and if you go in your dirty white shoes forget that there is going to be a second time. So, make sure you wear neat and tidy shoes that just put your whole outfit together.

7.)  Sense of humour:

We all knew women like funny guys but is it something they notice and look out for? Umm, yes. Women do want their partners to be funny, cheerful and someone they would like spending time with. If you can make a girl laugh in your first meet there are high chances that she wants to get to know you more.

 These were just seven among the hundred of things women look for in men and want them to possess. You can obviously list out several more when you start recalling past experiences with different women. Well, just kidding! You do not go through all of that, just Google it. 



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