7 Fashion Prints That are Here To Stay

The Fashion Industry has completely reformed over the past few years. Several factors have contributed to this much needed change but what stands out the most even today, is the setting of new fashion standards by the influencer’s community. When we say change we see a change where all body types are beautiful and no length of the skirt is unjustified. Another major change that we see is that men and women no longer think twice before putting on a piece of clothing and are comfortable in all shapes and sizes.

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If you too have been influenced by these changes and want to jump on the bandwagon, we know exactly how to start. To begin with, you should refresh your wardrobe and invest in staples and pieces that never go out of trend. Prints seem to be the perfect option when you want to limit your expenses and still buy casual and dressy outfits as well.

But, there are so many prints in the stores. Which one do you choose? We would say buy prints that are classic and forever lasting. But, what are those? Here is a list to help you out and make a smart decision.

1.) Leopard Print:

In our opinion leopard print is one of the most classy and versatile ones. You can either dress it down for a casual meetup or dress it up for a party look. All of this with just one piece of clothing. However, it is important to buy the correct one, even leopard print comes in various styles.2.1 1

2.) Floral Print:

A bright day on a beach goes very well with floral prints. These prints are also pretty easy to work with. A floral dress with nude strappy heels, a floral top with beige trousers are the most wonderful combinations we can think of.22

3.) Plaid:

Remember when most of us thought plaid skirts are limited to only school uniforms but now, you can spot these plaid skirts pretty much everywhere. A plaid print comes in various forms- cheques, gingham etc all of which look extremely classy and elegant.

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4.) Stripes:

We know all of us ladies own at least one piece of striped clothing. The reason being there are multiple ways in which they can be styled. However, you must know the difference between horizontal and vertical stripes. While horizontal stripes make you look tall and thin, vertical stripes make you look wider. So, choose accordingly.2.4

5.) Ikat Prints:

If you like a pop of colour in your outfit and want to experiment with some prints, ikat prints are a good option. Carry an Ikat print bag or dupatta, none of them hesitates in making a statement. Moreover, they are great for men, women,  western  or  traditional  outfits. 2.5 3

6.) Polka Dots:

Polka Dots in our opinion are the most pretty print. They can be elegant, classy, casual and formal everything at the same time. Hence, if you are looking for a print that would truly last you forever and still don’t make you feel out of trend, this is the way to go.2.6

7.) Tie-Dye:

Casual and street style are the easiest ones. Being a novice or beginner in following fashion trends tie-dye clothing can be your safest bet. Pick the colours that compliment the already existing colour palette in your wardrobe and you are sorted.2.7

Playing with prints can be a little intimidating. But, if you have the right one in the right clothing or accessory it can take your outfit to a whole new level in just a few seconds. Make sure you try one of these prints and thank us later.

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