6 Tips for making a Rocking first impression in every situation

6 tips formaking a rocking first impression in every situation

6 tips formaking a rocking first impression in every situation

It is said that it takes merely six seconds to create your first impression. And those crucial six seconds are the significant column to craft your impression in the person’s mind which has a possibility to remain the last one. So how can you utilize these decisive seconds to your advantage? Be ready. If you are aware that you are going to meet someone new, it is always favorable to go prepared.

Here are the six fundamental suggestions developed by the LinkedIn Influencer, Bernard Marr for that next vital first impression. Below are the six steps which will not only help you easing your nervousness but also assist you nail those six seconds irrespective of heading for a party full of people you don’t know well, a job interview or for a new client meeting, etc.

  • Smile J

A nice smile has the power to open more doors than a grumpy face. And also a friendly and open person is liked by majority as it creates a sense of comfort between individuals. Moreover, a smile makes you look trustworthy and projects confidence.

  • Be ready

Whatever the situation may be, you have to be prepared to face it strongly. For instance, if you are going for a job interview you have to practice answering questions, have few more copies of your resume, keep necessary paperwork handy and most importantly familiarize with the company. Same goes for other situations where you have to be proactive to ensure smooth meeting.

  • A little more research

Doing a little research ahead of time always rewards you with engaging conversations and relations with your target people. Before meeting new people find out their hobbies, any associations they are part of or any causes if they support. Social media can help you with this really well, though LinkedIn being the most professional one offering you the sensible resourceful information.

  • Early Bird

“To be early is to be on time; being on time is being late and to be late is to be sorry.”Every one of us must have heard about this old saying. It is particularly appropriate when meeting someone new. You are portrayed to be responsible and respectful if you are on time, but when you are present before time it shows you have great interest in meeting the person (though being before time brings with it various advantages like using restroom, updating and checking your appearance as well as comforting yourself before the meeting). During situations like traffic, finding parking and rough weather it is agood decision to end up even earlier.

  • Say NO to distractions

Before arriving at the venue, set your phone on the silent mode. And if you are getting vibrations letting you know you have been retweeted or getting messages on Whatsapp giving you a big temptation to peep into your phone, turn the whole thing off.

  • Be curious

One of themain ideas for striking a winning conversation is simply being curious. Instead of using the time to plan your response, ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully to the answers. People develop great rapport with persons who are good listeners rather than those who simply keep on blabbering.

So these are the some of my ideas, and I would love to hear yours. You can comment below your flattering ideas for thatmomentous first impression whichcan last forever!


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