5 small gestures and gifts to inspirit your close ones:

Keeping in touch with your close friends and relatives is extremely essential especially in times likes these. You never know who might be going through what. But, at least you can keep checking upon them. That being said, the quarantine life is the classic example of when things can go wrong and upset you. Keep in mind sympathy in such cases is not appreciated but what matters is how much you empathize with them. Thus, it is better to take care of their mental health and do small little gestures to help them cheer up. What is it that you can do? Confused? We got it.

1.) Music service:

Music is one such thing that can instantly lift up anyone`s mood. If your friend too is a music lover you can gift them a free subscription of his favourite music streaming app like Spotify where there are different music genres you can listen to. it can be a workout, work from home, cooking or even bhangra.

2.) Flowers:

A surprise gift is something you can never go wrong with. If you are thinking of what the gift should be flowers are the way to go. It could be fresh lilies, beautiful white orchids or any of their favourite ones. This is very easy through any of the flower delivering websites and services.flowerssss


3.) Makeup or skincare:

If your girlfriend is a makeup or beauty blogger or just simply loves playing around with makeup you can gift them their favourite makeup item which they had their eyes on but never got the chance to buy. This would instantly cheer them up.

4.) Shopping voucher for your shopaholic friend:

When they say shopping is a therapy, they are certainly right. Shopping from stores or through online stores, both of them are a mood- booster. Gift your shopaholic friend an Amazon voucher and let them shop for whatever they want.

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5.) Subscription boxes:

Subscription boxes as a gift is something your friend or family member would have never expected. But, yes it makes for a sweet gifting idea. These subscription boxes would be at their doorstep and surprise them with some amazing products.

These were some of the gifting ideas for your socially distanced family, friends or even relatives. You can certainly think of many more such ideas that will brighten your closed one`s gloomy days.

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