14 Truly Bizarre Oreo Flavors From Around The World

14 Truly Bizarre Oreo Flavors From Around The World

The chameleons of the cookie aisle – Oreo

Smack on the wildest flavors of Oreo this season as Nabisco brings for you some of the strangest flavors of Oreo cookies that are sure to leave you insane. No, it is certainly not any of the conventional flavors but has branched out to appear in the most bizarre form. Wondering what could it be? Then get ready to have raised eyebrows till the end of this article.

Introducing you some of the weirdest Oreo cookie flavors thatmake it one of the most famous cookies on the planet.

  • Beer Float:

    Oreo-Beer -Float
    Oreo-Beer -Float











Highly demanded limited edition cookies that inspire old-fashioned soda shop fantasies. It is the whirls of root beer & vanilla ice cream that comes with a signature golden vanilla flavored cookie.

  • Pumpkin Spice:












Cookies with bright orange pumpkin cream filing sandwich amid the two buttery vanilla wafers. This could be the most unusual flavor.

  • Watermelon:

Why?? A watermelon flavored cookie?? :] Unique experimentation Oreo, but doesn’t seem to work…

  • Marshmallow Crispy:

Spotted with crisped rice, marshmallow crispy is a vanilla flavored sandwich cookie with a sweet cream. Again,it is a limited edition flavor by Oreo. 

  • Limeade:

Summer is around the corner and this could be the sole example of cookie made for the season. These are the cookies with green lime filling in between the two vanilla Oreo cookies.

  • Candy Corn:

Candy Corn Oreo Flavor












So these cookies want us to believe them tasting like candy corn. Though, it is not exactly possible to be like one. Oreo, who are you trying to fool? 😛

  • Green Tea Ice Cream:

Captivatingthe love for green tea to the next level, China has successfully taken Oreo into the 21st century. Cookies with green tea flavored crème & a cooling sensation, mimicking ice cream is surely a rare treat you can’t miss. 

  • Birthday Cake:

A festooned Oreo cookie which has the standard white frosting with flecks of rainbow sprinkles inside. Not a bad substitute for a pastry. 😉

  • Orange Ice Cream:

Cookies with sweet savor of orange perfectly mixed with a creamy ice cream taste. An orange wafer ice cream? :O

  • Cool Mint:












Mint chocolate chip ice cream works well, but a mint chocolate cookie seems to have a 50-50 chance. Maybe it could taste like toothpaste. 😛 

  • Berry Burst Ice Cream:
Berry Burst Ice Cream
Berry Burst Ice Cream













Not again, Oreo…You are a cookie.  We love the way you are. Let ice cream be an ice cream. 😀

  • Double Fruit:

This double fruit Oreo cookies comes in two different fruit flavors.

Orange & Mango flavor with the half-lemon yellow and half chrome yellow colors filling the layer of cream & another one is Raspberry & Blueberry flavor. We think eating actual berries will be a better idea than having cookie flavored with dual-berry.

  • Cream Wafers Strawberry or Vanilla:

Sold exclusively in China, these are new wafer designed cookies in flavors of strawberry and vanilla.

  • Peach –Grape:

Phewww. No more fruit salads now.

Not just limited to these, the Oreo cookies come in many more sizes and shapes taking you on a roundup to the weirdest flavored cookies. They also have flavors like Peanut butter, gingerbread and banana split.;)

Which Oreos do you want to try? 😀


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