Digital India : Free Internet or Splinternet?

Is it “” hiding under the name of Support digital india.  It is misleading campaign according to new sources. Support Digital India is just another name for “”, here’s pic below which clearly shows it’s one of the finest strategies to fool individuals into thinking they are helping and supporting the poor to get Internet Access, which is actually not true.


Facebook CEO “Mark Zuckerberg ” visited India and had an obligatory photo-op with the Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”, and it was only a few months later that one figured out what the effort was all about.


Looking at the other side  of coin. Firstly, there’s no NGO it is just a division of Facebook. Second, it is absolutely for-profit in every way. There is no not-for-profit part of it whatsoever. Third, as you’ll figure out :  this is really the “Facebook Poor People Acquisition Department”.

Facebook nearly has same amount of users as Google : about 1.4 billion users.  One out of five people on earth use facebook on  daily basis. Facebook’s  revenue worth was US$12.4 billion for the year 2014 – that equates to  US$ 8.65 per person on their service.

Google made $66 billion off about the same number of people in 2014 – almost $46 per head – a revenue efficiency more than 5 times that of Facebook. And that gap doesn’t seem to narrow fast enough for facebook.

“Facebook” is blocked in china, so it’s main attraction now is india which holds more than 1.2 billion. India, with a billion people yet to get on the net it is probably seen as the biggest hope for the future of this stock.

What comes to your mind when you think about free internet access

Educational videos from Khan Academy, Access to youtube, Access to Netflix, Access to Amazon or any other shopping site/Blogs/Video sites basically everything Internet can offer.

But the free internet facebook is offering roughly consist of 0.0000002% of whole internet with facebook being it’s main attraction to the offered users.  Common questions asked by people include “Why?  What’s the problem? Let it be.  Isn’t 0.00000002% better than 0%, right?” Well  actually no Let Facebook pull its stunt. Then Google will. So will Twitter. And eBay. And each telco. And each e-com company. And soon we’ll have hundreds of thousands of different so-called internets around the world used by a handful of people each who can’t talk or connect to each other. Instead of one internet of a billion and growing sites, always connected to each other. The essentially connected nature of the internet can’t be given up – something most people believe is critical to a thriving future for our planet – just because Zuckerberg needs to get his revenues up and stock price from crashing. Think people you were the same who stood up against Airtel why are you letting it go just because it is facebook this time.

connectindia-connect the world

Think before clicking I’m in!! True Nature of Internet is being open-source, accessible to everyone.

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