Rajasthan government issues new set of rules; pass is now necessary; will have counters on railway station and bus stops

In Unlock 1.0, there is a hike of 2 thousand 537 cases in the state. Due to this higher hike government is now being strict again. The movement from one state to another is not allowed for 7 days. Pass is again a necessity to go out of the state. However, the pass is not required in emergency cases but all the papers will be checked. The police force is active on all the entrances of state. Barricading has been done in different places.

Pass counter will be made on the airport, bus stand and railway station

The pass can be immediately issued after verification on the counter made by authorities. For a pass, travellers have to reach these places long before the departure time to specific places.

Who wouldn’t require a pass?

Passengers who are travelling on June 10 by bus, train or plane will not require a pass to commute from one state to another. Passes are not in emergency cases (death in family, accident or hospitalized family member).  An identity card along with various other documents will be checked and then the permission will be granted.

Directions for passengers coming to the state

Indian citizens coming via international flights will have to follow all the guidelines issued by home ministry. Passengers who are travelling by various means of transports like bus, train or flight will take safety precaution first and then will be allowed to travel. These passengers will then be thermally screened on departure. All the people travelling by private transport like cabs, the taxi will also be screened. All the documents will also be checked

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