PM Narendra Modi Awarded With The Prestigious Seoul Peace Prize

Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi is awarded the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize for his efforts to improve the lives of 1.35 billion people. India’s first leader to make India globally proud. He has been awarded this award during his visit to South Korea. He was awarded for his contributions to international cooperation and the growth of Indian and global economics. PM said that he will donate his all amount to “NAMAMI GANGE” project.

Both the dignities Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae on Friday held talks on various issues like trade, investment, security and defence. The PM,  is on a two-day visit to South Korea, was accorded with Blue House, the executive officers and it’s staff. PM has been dominantly providing India with all its good ethics and he is helping India to develop on a higher basis.

While addressing the media, he said that South Korea has been dominating with India in trade, economy.

PM Modi asked various powers to come together against terrorism to “Unite and Act” against it. Modi is on a two-day visit to South Korea, expressed his gratitude towards them and he also acknowledged their efforts. He also described worst terror attacks that have undergone in the recent past, Pulwama attack that undertook on 14th Feb.

India growth story is not only Indians but for the whole world as well. Our growth and affluence will contribute to global growth and development.

The Seoul Peace Prize was established to honour the success of 24th summer Olympic held in Seoul in 1988. The games winded up on Mahatma Gandhi birthday. The games showed the best of Korean culture, tradition and the warmth of Korean hospitality and success of the Korean economy.

PM Modi with his kind gesture devoted his award to the whole 1.8 billion people of India. I am honoured to receive this award in the year when we will celebrate his 150th birth anniversary. He said- “This award belongs to the whole country. The success that India has received in the last 5 years is due to desires, aspirations, strong will power and efforts to the people of India. He also donated the prize money to NAMAMI GANGE programme.

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