After Nirbhaya Another girl under the clutches of hungry men, where is the law!

Girls or women also have the rights to lead their life independently without any fear. Sometimes you feel proud to be an Indian by seeing the Indian army and at other times you are left with a feeling of shame when you see those cruel men abusing, taking advantage and ultimately raping girls. They have forgotten that have taken birth from their mother only who is none other than a woman then how can they be so cruel and heartless. Are they normal people or simply animals? Even animals have feelings for other.

Another incident took place on 18th of February which will take you to shock. You must be aware of the name Nirbhaya, who was raped brutally by few men on the bus in December 2012. Yet the incident repeats again, a tribal woman who was having a mental disorder was gang-raped in the South Dinajpur district of West Bengal.

Shocking truth will burst you out into tears- According to certain evidence it has been known that a mentally challenged woman of age 21 years was returning from the village fair that took place in Kushmandi on 18th of February and several men grabbed her and took her to a deserted location, far away from the crowd under a bridge. Then they took turns for raping her and ultimately inserted an iron rod into her private parts.

The woman was rescued by the local villagers who heard her cry and came in for help. She was taken to the Raigunj Superspeciality Hospital by the villagers and there the doctors carried an emergency surgery.

The condition of the victim was so critical that she was referred to Malda Medical College and Hospital. The doctor stated that there were several injuries on her vagina and also on a part of the intestine. A team of surgeons and gynecologists have been instituted for monitoring the condition of the woman.

Sunanda Mukherjee the chairperson of West Bengal State Women’s Commission demanded punishment for the accused. Budhan Hembrom the president of Adibashi Samaj and also the president of Lok Shilpi Platform stated that if the accused are not arrested and if punishment is not given then they will be starting a mass agitation. However, the police have detained a suspect for interrogation but they are not sure about the number of men involved in the crime and are yet to be found out.


The question is, for how long these rape cases will continue? , Will they ever be stopped? , can women go out without fearing men? , are they safe at the deserted location? a big question mark to all these questions. Women are afraid to get out, brothers feel unsafe when their sisters are out. These incidents must be stopped and the accused must be punished so cruelly that the person who is thinking of repeating the same crime fears the law. In this world, everyone has the same right to living and enjoying life independently whether they are woman or man.

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