Accident in Bihar: Husband and wife died dragging for one kilometer with train engine after collision

The car was stuck on a rail track while trying to cross a railway crossing

A car stuck on the railway track on Saturday morning near Potahi station of Patna-Gaya railway section hit the Ranchi Janshatabdi Express. The car dragged along the engine of the train and went for about a kilometer. The husband-wife and child died in a car accident.

Sumit Kumar, a software engineer working in a private company, was going to his in-law’s house in Dharahara in Potahi with his wife Nisrita Bihari and a 5-year-old son Parneet Kumar. He tried to cross the railway crossing near Potahi station at around 7 am. The car got stuck on the rail track. Jan Shatabdi Express arrived before Sumit could get out of the car with his wife and child.

After the collision, the car dragged along the train for about a kilometer away. The driver stopped the train by applying an emergency brake. With the help of the people of the village, all three were taken out of the car. Sumit and his wife died in the car. The condition of a five-year-old child was critical. He was rushed to the hospital where the child died during treatment.

On arrival, officials of the railway administration along with the draft administration reached the spot. Danapur DRM also visited the spot. The technical team of the railway department pulled out the car stuck in the engine after the trouble. The train could be dispatched after about four hours.

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