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What is the basic salary of an IPS officer?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is considered to be one of the most difficult examinations. Every year lakhs of candidates give this exam and dream that they will get the post of IAS or IPS. 

Indian Police Service is one of the most respected jobs in India. Every youth of India dreams of serving as an IPS officer in their country. IPS officers play a big role in maintaining peace and harmony in the states of India.

Through 7th through the Pay Commission, the Government of India ensures that the salary of IPS officers is competitive with jobs Private Sector. Let’s see the salary and other facilities available to an IPS officer …..

IPS officer Salary

The general pay scale of an IPS officer ranges from Rs 56,100 per month to Rs 2,25,000 per month.

Basic pay (INR)                                  Rank
56,100                                Deputy Superintendent of Police
67,700                                Additional Superintendent of Police
78,800                                Senior Superintendent of Police
1,31,100                             Deputy Inspector General of Police
1,44,200                             Inspector General of Police
2,05,400                             Director General of Police
2,25,000                             Director General of Police/ Director of IB or CBI


1 Facilities provided to IPS officers

Along with salary, the IPS officers are provided good facilities.

Residence / Accommodation

Bungalows are reserved for IPS officers in almost all districts. In most districts, SSP’s office and house are in the same building. These bungalows are very large and the government also provides many servants for their cleanliness/maintenance. These include gardeners, cleaning workers, etc.

Official Vehicle

Initially, an IPS officer is provided with a jeep but with promotion, the car is also available. The government also deploys the driver for the vehicle.

Paid Study Leave

Like IAS Officer, IPS Officer is also provided with Paid Study Leaves of up to 2 years. 

Medical Benefits

Fully Paid Medical Benefits are also provided to IPS officers and their families which covers any critical illness. Fully Paid Medical leaves are also available as well.

Extra Ordinary Leaves

IPS officers are provided with additional Ordinary Leaves in case all types of leaves are exhausted, but they are leaves without pay and this period is not counted for increments. These leaves can be from 3 months to 18 months.

Security Guards and domestic help

An IPS officer also has a security guard. Security Guards are posted at the main gate of the house and also outside the house. Along with Security Guards, 2 servants are also provided for daily household chores.

Subsidized Electricity and Phone Facilities

IPS Officers do not have to pay electricity and phone bills up to a certain limit. This fixed limit is so high that generally, these facilities are free for IPS Officers.

Lifetime Pension and Superannuation Benefits

The facilities of an IPS officer continue even when he completes his tenure. As long as they are alive they get a lifetime pension after retirement. 



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