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Top 10 announcements made by PM Modi on Independence Day

The middle class needs opportunity; the middle class needs freedom from government interference

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort and made many big announcements. In his address, the Prime Minister asked for emphasis on self-reliant India, infrastructure development, vocal for local etc.

  1. One Nation-One Tax, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Merger of Banks is the reality of the country today. The effect of these reforms and the results that follow are visible. Last year, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India has broken all the records so far. Foreign direct investment in India has increased by 18 per cent. Today, many big companies in the world are turning to India. We have to move forward with the mantra of ‘Make in India’ as well as ‘Make for World’.
  2. There is a need to give a new direction to the overall infrastructure development of the country to move India towards modernity at a fast pace. This need will be met through the National Infrastructure Pipeline Project. The country is moving towards spending more than Rs 100 lakh crore on this. Around 7 thousand projects of different sectors have also been identified. In a way, it will be like a new revolution in infrastructure.
  3. It has been said here that ‘Samarthyamulam Swatantryan, Shrammulancha Vaibhavam’, the power of a society, the freedom of any nation is its power and the source of its progress, progress is its labour-power. Whether the ordinary citizen of our country is living in the city or in the village, his hard work, his hard work does not match.
  4. Who could have imagined that thousands of millions of crores of rupees would be directly transferred in the Jan Dhan accounts of the poor in the country? Who could have thought that such a big change would happen in the APMC Act for the benefit of farmers? 7 crore poor families were given free gas cylinders, ration cards were made or not, more than 80 crore people were provided free food, about 90 thousand crore rupees were directly transferred to the bank accounts. Until a few years ago, all this could not be imagined that all this work would be done without any leakage, money would reach directly in the hands of the poor. To provide employment in the village itself, the Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan has also been started.
  5. The campaign for Vocal for Local, Re-Skill and Up-Skill will communicate a self-reliant economy in the standard of living of people living below the poverty line. Many areas of the country have also lagged behind in terms of development. Special efforts are being made thereby selecting more than 110 such aspirational districts so that the people there get a better education, better health facilities and better employment opportunities.
  6. Self-reliant India is not only meant to reduce imports but also to increase our capacity, our Creativity and our skills. Only a few months ago, we used to get N-95 masks, PPE kits, ventilators from abroad. Today, in all these, India is not only fulfilling its own needs but has also come forward to help other countries.
  7. There was a time when our agricultural system was very backward. At that time the biggest concern was how to fill the stomach of the countrymen. Today when we can feed not only India but many countries of the world. My dear countrymen, an important priority of self-reliant India is self-sufficient agriculture and self-sufficient farmers. To give modern infrastructure to the farmers of the country, a few days ago an ‘Agriculture Infrastructure Fund’ of Rs 1 lakh crore has been created.
  8. Professionals who have come out of the middle class, not only India, make their way in the whole world. The middle class needs opportunity, the middle class needs freedom from government interference. This is also the first time when the EMI of a home loan for your home is getting a rebate of up to Rs 6 lakh during the payment period. Last year, a fund of 25 thousand crore rupees has been established to complete the construction of thousands of unfinished houses.
  9. During the time of Corona, we have seen what the role of Digital India campaign has been. Just last month, a transaction of about Rs 3 lakh crore took place from BHIM UPI alone. Before 2014, only 5 dozen panchayats in the country were connected with optical fibre. In the last five years, 1.5 lakh gram panchayats in the country have been connected with optical fibre. In the coming one thousand days, every village in the country will be connected with optical fibre.
  10. Our experience says that whenever the women power gets opportunities in India, they have brought laurels to the country and strengthened the country. Today, women are working in underground coal mines in India, and are also touching sky high with fighter jets. Of the 40 crores, Jan Dhan accounts opened in the country, about 22 crore accounts are of women only. At the time of Corona, in April-May-June, about three thousand crore rupees have been directly transferred to the accounts of women in these three months.
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