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To break the chain of Covid-19 infection every person should be vaccinated: WHO

The World Health Organization has expressed deep concern over increasing cases of coronavirus infection worldwide. The organization’s chief scientific doctor Soumya Swaminathan has said that it is indeed very important for every country to take action on this to prevent the spread of infection of the virus here, which can reduce the number of cases.

In a webinar on what you can do to help reduce the spread of # COVID19 variants, she said that people are now losing their patience while battling the corona pandemic. They have now become very irritable about this and now they are starting to get angry about it. It has been tweeted by the United Nation of India.

She said that now people want to go out, they want to see everything as normal. But the truth is that there is still a risk to go out freely. The virus is spreading fasters. Regarding the variants of Covid-19 constantly coming, she said that she is worried about it. Constant changes are being recorded in it. The whole world has seen its terrible form. We also saw when there was an intense transmission of the virus. Now that many types of viruses are out, some of them are very dangerous and anxiety-raising. These are constantly emerging.

Dr Swaminathan said that if the speed of infection is to be reduced all over the world, more and more people will have to get vaccinated. Only this can stop the chain of the spread of the virus. Only through vaccination the cases and the speed of the variants of the virus be stopped. For this, it is very important that all countries should work for it at their own level. She has said that it will take time to vaccinate the whole world and regain herd immunity.