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The committee submitted to the Supreme Court the new agricultural laws report, talked to about 85 farmer organizations.

The three-member committee appointed by the Supreme Court on three agricultural laws has submitted its report in a closed envelope to the Supreme Court. According to the news agency ANI, the committee has said in its report that about 85 farmer organizations have been talked to find a solution to this matter. Explain that there is a deadlock between the Center and farmer organizations regarding the new agricultural laws. The farmers have been demonstrating on the borders of Delhi since last 28 November. Several rounds of talks were held between the Center and the farmers’ organizations about this, but no result was achieved. 

In January, the Supreme Court had stayed the implementation of agricultural laws till further orders and constituted this committee. The committee comprises Anil Dhanwat, Ashok Gulati and Pramod Joshi, an agricultural expert and associated with the Shetkari organization. Speaking to news agency IANS, Anil Ghanwat confirmed that the committee has submitted the report, but did not provide any details related to it. He said the report would not be made public until Chief Justice SA Bobde started hearing and discussing it. A hearing in the case is expected to be held after April 5 when the court reopens after Holi’s leave. The committee deliberated with several farmer organizations on three agricultural laws for two months.

11 rounds of talks between farmer organizations and the government 

The farmers’ organizations are calling the new agricultural laws as anti-farmer and are adamant about demanding its return. At the same time, the central government is describing it as beneficial for farmers. Several rounds of talks have been held to resolve the deadlock between the two sides. There have been 11 rounds of talks between the two sides. The talks were last held between the two on 22 January. It was finished without any result. Neither round of talks was successful.  

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