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Thappad kand took places on June 5 and has a turn; an audio will be out soon says Sonali Phogat

On 5 June, BJP leader and TikTok star Sonali Phogat have beaten the Secretary of Balsamand Market first by hands, and then by slippers, she wore. The video was viral for both the incidents on the internet. Sonali said that the secretary first abused her. After that, she was not able to control her anger and as a result, she used her hand and then slipper to hit him. The secretary said that the allegation by Sonali is false. Both have filed F.I.R. against each other.

This case has a new turn. Now, Sonali is telling about audio which she has. She claims that if that audio comes out, people will hit Sultan Singh, Secretary of Balsamand on road with their slippers/shoes. The audio will be out soon, says Sonali. Sonali further added that I hit him with slippers and if people got that audio, they will beat him with shoes. On the other hand, Sultan Singh denies giving a st atement and he is admitted to the hospital.

What Sonali Phogat said

In one of the TV channel debate, they put Sonali and Sultan together. During this time Sonali said that there is a medium by which the devil of each yug is defeated. In this case, I’m the medium. She admits to the point that she hit him with slippers and she is ready to go to jail for it as well. I’ll bring that audio out and people wouldn’t be able to listen to this. If that audio comes out people will make Sultan wear a garland of shoes. She has more evidence against Sultan Singh, Sonali added.


What Sultan Singh said

Sultan Singh is in hospital. He says that he is having pain in nerves of the skull till now. He is unwell.  He says that Sonali Phogat is blaming him for corruption but he would like to tell that he was awarded by PM Modi in Kaithal. He also wants to tell that he is from the family of freedom fighters. He is blessed by 36 castes and communities. All the workers union is with him. He was beaten badly. If something happens to him, the authorities will be responsible, he said. He further added that he is in hospital for the past 3 days. The whole Harayana is with him and if Harayana wants they can punish him and he is ready for it.


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