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Supreme Court issued notice to Center and Twitter to investigate the fake misleading news

The Supreme Court has today issued a notice to the central government, Twitter and other internet media platforms simultaneously. The Supreme Court has issued a notice asking it to investigate Twitter content and advertisements spreading hate through fake news.

The Supreme Court has today issued a notice to the Central Government and Twitter while hearing Public interest litigation (PIL). The Supreme Court has asked the Center, Twitter and other internet media platforms to investigate hate content through fake news and advertisements on Twitter. The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the government and other internet media platforms, including Twitter, to investigate fake news and inciting messages through fake accounts.

The government will ban the arbitrariness of internet media!

To curb the arbitrariness of Internet media, the central government is going to change the IT rules. The Central Government has informed the Parliament about the change in IT rules. The government believes that by amending the IT rules, Internet media platforms will be more accountable to Indian law. With the introduction of new rules, digital media platforms will have to commit to following the Indian Code of Conduct. 

Attempt to bring internet media under the purview of law

A week before this, public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court to curb fake news and bring the Internet media under the ambit of the law. The Supreme Court, while hearing a petition seeking a law to regulate social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook, sought a response from the central government. After which this announcement has been made in Parliament by the government.

The change in the IT rules has been announced by the Central Government at a time when there is a dispute between Twitter and the Center. Actually, the central government had ordered Twitter to block all the URLs associated with the hashtag Farmers Genocide, but Twitter is refusing to block these URLs.

While the one who had filled a petition also said that the exemption of creating profiles without a system of verification has given rise to fake and anonymous profiles. People often make profiles in the name of another person as well. Many types of illegal trade are also being conducted through social media. Therefore, the creation of a profile with the name or picture of another should be declared a legal offence. Profile verification should be made. Also, a system should be created to remove objectionable content and prevent it from being uploaded again.

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