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Sunjuwan army camp attack – one soldier killed and six injured

Yesterday, two terrorists entered Sunjuwan army camp in Jammu and Kashmir and opened fire. One soldier killed and about six other injured which include civilians.

Heavily armed terrorists attacked an army base in Jammu and Kashmir. They managed to enter family quarters in Sunjuwan camp. Till now it is not cleared that in what way terrorists carried out this attack. However, three of them belonging to Jaish e Mohammad have been killed. As per the Army ‘, the operation would carry on till all terrorists are detained or killed.’

Terrorists killed a JCO, i.e. Junior Commissioned Officer along with NCO, i.e. a Non-Commissioned Officer. Amid the nine others who were injured five women and children were there. Out of them, two are in critical condition. The injured also include the daughter of a junior army officer who came to visit to meet her father.

The Army confirmed that ‘the majority of houses in the complex have been cleared out and all occupants have been shifted safely. The Army supposed that ‘operations are in progress regarding the safety of unarmed soldiers, women as well as children in houses.’

A suspicious movement was noticed by the sentry post at Sunjuwan camp at 4.55 am. Following the brief firing, the terrorists entered the complex. They used the rear end to enter the Sunjuwan camp. It is believed that it was a fidayeen, i.e. suicide attack by Jaish e Mohammad terrorists. A senior police officer told that ‘it was not cleared yet that how they have done.’

Defense PRO told media ‘as the part of the constant operation in Sunjwan army killed two terrorists who were wearing combat uniforms and were heavily armed.

They were carrying AK 56 assault rifle along with hand grenades and immunization in large amount.’

Farooq Abdullah, former Jammu and Kashmir CM alleged ‘no day passes without any similar incident. All terrorists are entering from Pakistan, and if they want to have good relation with India, they have to stop terrorism. Regrettably, I say if it carries out India will not discontinue itself as of waging war.’

Congress asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to step in as about 382 armies Personnel killed since 2014. It is not the first time the Army camp has been attacked. Previously also terrorists entered the Army quarters al Kaluchak and fired indiscriminately. One bus was also attacked by the terrorist earlier in whom about 34 people were there.

This attack came following the day of death anniversary of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. He was hanged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Yesterday’s attack is reported to be the second attack on Sunjwan camp in fifteen years. It was in 2003 when terrorists attacked before on the death anniversary of Maqbool Bhat, a JKLF leader who was also hanged in Tihar jail in Delhi.

Following the Sunjuwan camp attack back up of Army’s Special Forces along with SOG i.e. special operations group rushed to spot. They con dined the region amid a fierce gunfight. All schools in about five-kilometre radius in the region of Sunjuwan camp have been shut down by authorities. A high alert had been sounded in Jammu as well as all areas around the city.

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