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Serum’s covishield, Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin approved for emergency use in India

Director-General of Drug Controller General of India DCGI VG Somani has permitted for emergency use of Covishield vaccine of Serum Institute and Covaxin vaccine of Bharat Biotech. The vaccine was approved by an expert committee on Saturday. After which permission has been granted from the Drug Controller General of India i.e. DCGI today. After which the health systems across the country have got patience and the countrymen have got great relief. After this announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated the entire country.

Covishield of Serum is affordable to all the general public!

The Covishield vaccine of the Serum Institute was approved for emergency use today. Clinical data on 23,000 foreign nationals for the use of the Covishield vaccine were presented at an early stage. Then in the second-third clinical phase, 1600 people in the country were tested. The vaccine is claimed to be 70.42 percent effective. The Serum Institute has so far produced 4 crore doses. The Serum Institute has an agreement with Oxford-AstraZeneca. The vaccine will be affordable to all the general public. Poonawala also clarified that 30 to 40 crore doses will be made available by July 2021. As soon as scientists at the University of Oxford, who were researching the corona vaccine, achieved initial success in April, the Serum Institute began developing a dose of the Covishield vaccine using the same formula. Even before the corona vaccine trials were completed, the Serum Institute had started a manufacturing vaccine and invested billions of rupees in it. Vaccine tests being developed by scientists at Oxford University have been successful, and the Serum Institute has caught everyone’s eye. Adar Poonawalla is now in charge of the Serum Institute. Ninety per cent of the vaccines being developed by the Serum Institute will initially be given to Indians, Adar Poonawalla said. The government will have to buy this vaccine for Rs 250, he said. 

India Biotech vaccine is completely indigenous

India Biotech vaccine is completely indigenous. Bharat Biotech indigenous Covaxin vaccine was also approved for emergency use today. Preliminary testing of the vaccine on animals such as rats and rabbits was conducted. In the first and second clinical phases, 800 people were tested. 22,500 people have been tested so far for the third phase. This is the second vaccine allowed for limited use in an emergency in the country. Bharat Biotech has sought permission from the Central Government for emergency use of Covaxin. Bharat Biotech had on December 7 filed an application with DCGI seeking permission. Bharat Biotech had claimed that the first corona vaccine to be developed on corona in India would be at least 60 per cent effective.

All three vaccines made by Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech and Cadila can be stored at 2 to 8 C. This means that these vaccines can also be stored in your home refrigerator. The American Pfizer vaccine requires a temperature of -70 degree Celsius if it is to last long. The Pfizer vaccine can only last five days at a temperature of 2 to 8 C.


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