Ramadan 2021: Time of Roza Sehri and Iftar at different places

The moon was visible on Tuesday in India for the holy month of Ramadan and after that Ramadan has started from today. In Ramadan, Muslims all over the world fast for the whole day. This month is to curb your desires. Mahe Ramadan is a month in which the people of the Muslim sect worship Allah and during this time, 30 days Sehri and Iftar are of great importance.

The month of Ramadan (holy) month gives the promise of every human being to take his life on the right path. This stern exercise to protect himself from all evil and bring him closer to Allah is a golden opportunity for every Muslim to clean himself.

In this month, Sehri and Iftar are of great importance. It is the time of Sahari in the morning and iftar in the evening. The time of these two is fixed and according to the same, Sehri and Rosa are iftar. Let us know what is the time of Sehri and Iftar at different places.

Place                                      Sehir                               Iftar
Delhi:                                    4:35 AM,                    6:47 PM
Srinagar:                              4:33 AM,                    7:08 PM
Lucknow:                             4:23 AM,                    6:31 PM
Kolkata:                               4 AM,                          5:57 PM
Guwahati:                           3:41 AM,                     5:47 PM
Mumbai:                             5:08 AM,                     6:56 PM
Hyderabad:                        4:47 AM,                     6:33 PM
Chennai:                             4.45 AM,                     6.22 PM
Thiruvananthapuram:     5.02 AM,                      6.32 PM

The month of Ramadan is the Pak month in which people of the religion of Islam apologize to Allah for their mistakes and decide to do good deeds. This month is a year of sacrifice and dedication.

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