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Rahul Gandhi says PM Modi and Philippines’s Rodrigo Duterte are alike; both flourish on hatred

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said PM Modi and  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are alike.  He says that they both “thrive on hatred and disrespect institutions”. He supposed PM Modi had pursued the replica of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to employ democracy to come to power”.

In an interview to Nicolas Berggruen, carried by The Huffington Post, Rahul  Gandhi also spoke concerning over-concentration of power and said that India today is more centralised than China.

Saying that the challenge India is facing nowadays is forming jobs in cities and sustaining agriculture in rural areas. He said, “All the stresses of modernity and migration affect the current tone of politics in India.”

Rahul Gandhi added that” the right wing is insistently exploiting Economic insecurity regarding finding work and anxieties over identity. They multiply fake news, endorse ethnic rifts and stimulate polarisation in order to gain power across states. They split communities through hatred and revolve them against each other to come to power.”

He added that PM Modi,  came to supremacy by promising jobs and his record so far has been unsuccessful.  To this, he alleges that “His management is taking the annoyance of the youth and redirecting it against minorities. That is what the majority right-wing leaders do.  This bait-and-switch is not dissimilar from what the right wings are doing all over the world”.

Rahul Gandhi supposed America, India, and Europe are facing a blend of joblessness, all along with “institutional civil war”. He also argued that it is an “exact crisis for all democratic societies”.

Rahul Gandhi pointed out that “Almost all vital decisions in India today are taken at the PM  level.  Meanwhile, the Parliament in India is presently being reduced to a debating society without any power. In fact, I would argue that India today is more centralised than China. The Communist Party centralises firm aspects. But if you gaze at Chinese cities, local governments have a lot of influence. Even if one were to pursue your spat and centralise India even more, the type of reaction you would get would be very unsafe.”

Rahul  Gandhi also blames PM Modi of spiralling and defending India’s caste structure. He said “That is his whole design. Modi has tracked the model of the Muslim Brotherhood to employ democracy to come to power. He has packed our institutions with people who proliferate a certain discordant ideology. He is now striking a vision of India that prohibits India’s Dalits, tribals as well as minorities. He is a status-quoist imagines being a reformer”.



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