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Rahul Gandhi is all set start his three-day Gujarat campaign from today

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is all set to launch his three-day Gujarat campaign from today. He refuses to clutch open-jeep roadshow by the police.  Rahul Gandhi will now ride on a bullock cart to kick-start his campaign.

Rahul Gandhi will launch his Gujarat campaign from the vital Saurashtra area. He also held a dynamic interaction with thousands of party personnel at Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront.  Rahul Gandhi is going out on a rapid tour of the Saurashtra region, which propels one-third of the legislators in the 182-member State Assembly, from the eminent religious town of Dwarka.

Rahul Gandhi will start his day by offering prayers at the Dwarkadheesh Krishna temple. From there he is projected to drive down to Jamnagar, interacting with locals at different educational institutions, women as well as businessmen.

The police reject him to consent to cover the 135 km stretch from Dwarka to Jamnagar by an open jeep and stage road shows citing safety reasons.  Rahul Gandhi would now be taking a personally done up luxury bus for him prepared with CCTV cameras. The open-jeep tie with the people might not be possible for now.

Though, this does not seem to have dampened the morale of the Congress workers. As in Hanjrapar village several 25 km from Dwarka,  Rahul Gandhi will enter in a customarily decked up bullock-cart.

Palbhai Ambaliya, party’s ticket candidate from the Dwarka Assembly seat, alleged that there are three levels of seating. He supposed “Not only have his greeting, but we also made all sitting arrangements for everybody. It  includes Rahulji, in typical Saurashtra enriching style.”

Palbhai Ambaliya said “The primary level is people sitting on the ground, just similar to the start of our civilisation when there were no cots or chairs. “after that at the next level are the customary cots, as our civilisation progressed. The final level of the seating for the citizens will be chairs, as is the new world. For Rahul Gandhi,  we have this unique traditional cot when he interrelates with us.”

Following a night stop at Jamnagar, on Tuesday morning he will drive down to Rajkot. It is the homeland of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani, also the key nerve centre of the Saurashtra area. Gandhi would also proffer prayers at the Khodaldham Temple, i.e.  the idol of Patidar community.

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi will arrive at Surendranagar. he is expected to mount the long-winding stone stairs here, to the admired hilltop Chotila Temple.

The Saurashtra area has been electorally hard for the Congress for the preceding two decades.  It won just 12 of the 52 seats from here in the 2012 assembly elections. Now the party is looking at appreciably improving the tally given the Patidar emotion adjacent to the ruling BJP and the overall farmer suffering owing to various issues.

Congress expects that Rahul Gandhi’s staying put in the area for the first time for three days.  Stretch will perk up the party cadres and strengthen them to work for triumph sinking all their differences.

Rahul Gandhi is also programmed to make similar appearances in the north, central as well as south Gujarat regions prior to the December elections.


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