PM Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting to review oxygen supply across the Country

There has been a shortage of oxygen due to increasing cases of Covid infection in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has taken command to repair the supply of oxygen. Prime Minister Modi held a high-level meeting to review oxygen supply and discuss ways and means to increase its availability. The news agency ANI quoted the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) as saying that in this meeting, the officials briefed PM Modi on the efforts being made to improve the supply of oxygen in the last few weeks.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said that in this meeting, PM Modi stressed the need to work fast on many aspects to increase the supply of oxygen. Prime Minister Modi asked the officials to increase the production of oxygen, speed up delivery and use better ways of providing oxygen to hospitals.

In this meeting, on behalf of the officials, the Prime Minister was told that coordination is being done with the States to identify the demand for Oxygen and ensure its adequate supply. Officials said that at present, 6,785 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen is needed daily in 20 states of the country, in response to which 6,822 metric tons of oxygen has been supplied to these states daily since April 21.

The Prime Minister was also informed that the availability of liquid medical oxygen has increased by 3,300 MT per day in the last few days with the contribution of private and public steel plants, industries and oxygen manufacturers. Officials informed the PM that they are working closely with the states to operate PSA oxygen plants as soon as possible. Prime Minister Modi asked the officials to ensure that the supply of oxygen to the states is done in a smooth, uninterrupted manner. PM Modi also instructed the officials to find ways to increase the production and supply of oxygen.

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