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PM Modi Most Probably To Get COVID-19 Vaccine In Second Phase Of Vaccination Drive

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to receive the COVID-19 vaccine shot in the second phase of the vaccination drive when it will be administered to those above 50 years of age and people with co-morbidities.

The Prime Minister kicked off the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive via video conferencing Saturday, as he wanted to congratulate India and the scientists and researchers of the country for developing two vaccines in such a short period of time. He said the country had been waiting impatiently for this memorable day; our scientists have come out as a hope of millions and adding pride to India’s authenticity. He further added that this is for the first time in history that the vaccination program has been launched on such a massive scale.

He also spoke on the rumours spreading across the nation. He had allayed gears regarding the efficacy of the vaccine and addressed, “scientist gave nod to two Made-In-India vaccines after being sure of their effects, don’t pay attention to the rumours and propaganda.” Indian vaccine is being demanded from the global stage and vaccines enjoy global credibility because of their track record.

India is the nation that always prioritizes the health of every citizens and it has been an image of mankind. It is the responsibility of every citizen to appreciate the scientist’s will to save humans life from the unexpected deadly virus.

Still, there are some hesitations in the people regarding taking vaccine shots as it may cause severe health issues. To confirm the credibility of the COVID-19 vaccine, doctors and chief working staff have been vaccinated. More than 7 lakh people have been given one of the two vaccines approved by the regulator. But several people, including some doctors and other healthcare workers, continue to be afraid. This has led to concern over ‘vaccine hesitancy’.

In phase one, which is underway, three crore frontline workers in India will be vaccinated. There are 3,006 session sites across the country, where 100 beneficiaries each will be given either of India’s two indigenous vaccine, COVAXIN or COVISHIELD. Every beneficiary will need to receive two doses of the same vaccine, 28 days apart.

“Health workers and frontline workers are prioritized in terms of giving anti-covid vaccine shots. However, it is disappointing that they have a fear of receiving it and shoeing their hesitation toward vaccination drive. India is going to launch its Non-COVID service in few days, and has planned to launch vaccination drive on pane level so that is very important that hesitation among health staffs should end,” he conveyed.


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