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Abdullah Khan, Non-IITian Mumbaikar bags 1.2 crore package at Google’s London office

Abdullah Khan, a coding enthusiast and an engineering student, has landed a prestigious job at Silicon valley-based tech-giant in its UK office.
This 21-year old boy, from Shri L.R. Tiwari engineering college near Mira Road, surprisingly never was a NITian or IITian or have not even topped tough engineering exams like JEE. He is now one of very few elite students grabbing Google job via non-IIT route.

Abdullah was selected on basis of his profile on a competitive coding website which hosts over 150 such courses which help student learn coding and related skills.
After a few video-based interviews and tests he was called for an screening interview in Britain.
His package includes base salary of £60 thousand (or around 54 lakh INR) per year, a 15% bonus (around 8 lakh Indian rupees) and stock options worth about US $85 thousand (around 1.2 lakhs).
This coding junkie is expected to join Google’s site reliability team in September this year.

Abdullah Khan, talking to an leading Indian daily said, “I used to participate as it was fun. I did not even know that firms check programmers profile on such sites.   I showed the email to my friend who knew someone who had received such an email in the past. I am looking forward to joining their team”. It will be an amazing learning experience for him, he was quoted as saying.

Khan enjoys coding from quite a time and used to study in Saudi Arabia till high school years. After shifting back to India, he tried to crack IIT, but could not clear JEE entrance test.

Tech-giants offering hefty pay-cheques is no new to Indian students, earlier last year an similar 1.2 crore package was offered to IIT-Hyderabad alumni, Shreya Reddy.

Similar other success stories still continue influencing Indian students, especially to pursue engineering from leading Indian universities or top colleges and land a dream-job in prestigious Silicon Valley companies