Nisarg cyclone on the way will hit Alibag; 490 kilometres away from Mumbai

Gujarat and Maharashtra, the worst-hit states by COVID-19 now have a risk of cyclone ‘Nisarg’. According to the weather department, this cyclone will reach the coasts of south Gujarat and north Maharashtra by June 3. The coastal areas of Maharashtra too got the alert. As of now, the cyclone is 490 km away from Mumbai, 280 km from Panaji, Goa’s capital, 710 km from Surat. Nisarg will hit Alibag, a coastal area 94 km away from Mumbai tomorrow. The cyclone Amphan hit the West Bengal and Odhisa on 20 May. These areas were affected badly by the cyclone.

Ordinarily, Mumbai does not get cyclones. Only a cyclone of 1882 could be recognized but it is debatable that it hit Mumbai or not. In other words, the image of a cyclone coming to Mumbai is not clear.

Nisarg cyclone will hit the coasts of Alibag

This cyclone was originated from the Arabian Sea. It is getting stronger from Tuesday and was seen moving towards Alibag. The distance between Alibag and Mumbai is 94 km. It will hit the coasts of Alibag by June 3. CM Thackeray said, “The alternatives for electricity are being offered so that there is no lack of electricity. The precautions are being taken for the chemical and nuclear plants situated at Palgarh and Raigarh.

Palgarh has the country’s oldest atomic power plant in Tarapur. Some other power units are also here. Mumbai have BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre). Raigarh and Palgarh have power, petroleum, chemicals, and other important industries.  In Mumbai, it has Jawaharlal Nehru Port and some important

Alert issued

The Indian weather department has issued an alert for the pressure creating in the Arabian Sea. It will be a storm cyclone for the next 12 hours and it can be a dangerous storm cyclone for the following 12 hours. This is the reason for keeping the nearby areas of Mumbai on high alert. NDRF’s two teams are deployed in Palgarh, three teams in Mumbai, 1 team in Thane, two teams in Raigarh, and 1 team in Ratnagiri.

Prime Minister appeals to people for being safe

PM said that the western coastal areas of the country are under the vision and he is praying for the safety of citizens. He appealed the citizens to ensure all the arrangements for their safety.

Fishermen were asked to return

  • The weather department also told that the pressure creating in the middle-east Arabian Sea will move by the speed of 11 km/h towards the east. This pressure increased at 5.00 am on Tuesday. At present, it is in center of the Arabian Sea.
  • The weather department also told that the waves can lift for 2 meters more than the normal height. These waves can hit the lower areas/coasts of Mumbai, Thane, and Raigarh during landfall. The people living in these areas are being sent to safer places.


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