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NERCRMS working on value addition of spices to boost marketability of farm produce


New Delhi, Jan 14 (IANS) To boost the marketability of products and to further improve the income of farmers, the North Eastern Community Resource Management Society (NERCRMS) is working on ways for value addition of spice crops by Community Based Organisations (CBOs).

Fetching the right price for agricultural produce is one of the biggest challenges faced by the farmers in remote areas. Despite the high quality of their produce and their demand in the market, farmers often do not get prices that commensurate with the quality.

According to the Ministry of Development of North-East Region, “The CBOs formed by NERCRMS, Shillong and the Changlang Community Resource Management Society (CCRMS) are playing a vital role in addressing these challenges. The spice crops sourced from the individual farmers are processed by the CBOs at the Centralised Processing and Packaging Unit, Arunachal Pradesh.”

The products are then branded under the label of Namdapha Goodness.

The CBO members pay special attention ensuring that standard quality and food safety measures are maintained throughout the production stage.



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