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Mumbai Engineering student made portable ventilator with home-made items

Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. With 1574  active cases , 110 deaths and 188 recovery patients. Due to rapidly rise in cases the requirement of ventilators has also been increased. In a bid to serve the society in the period of crisis, a Maharashtrian engineering student, Trilok Sawant from Kandivali (East), Thakur Village, has made a portable ventilator, with household items. This Ventilator is so small and plam in size that patients can automatically use themselve at home.

North Mumbai BJP MP Gopal Shetty visited at Trilok’s house after knowing about his invention and saw the low cost automatic portable ventilator. Gopal Shetty said in media that “To see the handy Ventilator he visited at Trilok’s place with Dr Bipin Doshi (an experienced mechanical engineer) were also with me to evaluate the ventilator. The Engineer said that “in present situation this invention is very useful for country” Further Gopal Shetty said that “he will financially assist Trilok to encourage his talent and hard work and make him part of the Make in India project.

Talking about his own Invention Trilok said that  “The cost of this handy ventilator would be Rs 250 approximately but the actual price maybe differs due to lockdown. All its parts are made up of home made things and can be used for four people at a time. As of now, he made only one ventilator which took around eight hours. MP Gopal sir has also assured me to help with my project”.


Trilok Sawant is a final year student of Electronics and Telecommunications from St. Francis Institute of Technology, Borivali West. He has been passionate about performing experiments since he was in standard 8. He has submitted 14 dissertations so far and has received 40 patents. He has also received a national award for his performance.


Currently, all shops are closed due to lockdown. Akash Salunkhe, Vibhav Sawant, Abhishek Salian, Ashley Samkutti provided Trilok with necessary materials and technology for his research.






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