Lockdown again from today to 31: Government and private offices other than essential services will remain closed

In the light of the decision of the state government, DM Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh has again announced the lockdown in the district from 16 to 31 July. Meanwhile, food items, fruits and vegetables, dairy-milk products, meat-fish, animal feed, agricultural products shops, banks, insurance offices, ATMs, print and electronic media, telecommunication services, internet service broadcasting. IT Services related to petrol pumps, LPG, power generation and distribution, cold storage, food delivery from Hotel-Lodge, garages, mobile repairing, and repair shops will remain open. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, rickshaws, and other transportation-related vehicles can be used in essentials.

Government offices will also remain closed except emergency services

According to the order of the Home Department, during this period only the District Administration, Treasury with Defense, Central Armed Forces, Treasury, Petroleum, LPG, Disaster Management, Energy, Products, Transmission, Post Office, NIC Police, Home Guards, Fire Fighting, Disaster Management, Election and Prison. , Technical Information Services, Beltron, Video Conferencing Services, Electricity, Water Supply, Sanitation, Health Department, Supply, Water Resources, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, All Municipal Bodies, Forest Division Offices, Social Security related offices will be open. These offices will also have 33 percent of employees. Will open Offices under the State Government, Public Enterprises, Corporations will remain closed. All medical institutions-shops, clinics, nursing homes, ambulance vehicles will continue to operate.

Commissioner said – Increased isolation ward in all districts

Divisional Commissioner Pankaj Kumar on Wednesday asked the DMs of all the districts of the division to increase the number of isolation wards in their respective districts given the increasing infection of Covid-19. He also asked to maintain law and order including flooding and relief work in the meeting taken through video conferencing.

 Arrange medical consultation for flu patients: The commissioner said that it is also the season of flu. In such a situation, a system of medical consultation and examination of suspected patients should be ensured for flu patients in every district. Commissioner Pankaj Kumar and IG Tirhut Range Ganesh Kumar appealed to all the residents to strictly follow the lockdown and apply masks regularly.

Deal harshly with those who spoil the atmosphere: Divisional Commissioner and IG instructed all DMs and SPs to be fair and follow the legal provisions and procedures. Said to take action on the elements who spoil and pollute the social environment and strictly curb organized crime and Naxal activities. The IG asked the SP to monitor organized crime, Naxalite activity. Instructed all DMs to be alert and to coordinate between different departments to deal with floods. Said to ensure the security of the embankment, identification of troubled people group, availability of boats, human medicine, and animal feed, etc. DM Dr. Chandrasekhar Singh, SSP Jayantkant also inaugurated the Flood Action Plan, Muzaffarpur 2020-21 directory at the meeting.

Number of infected in the district was 893

In the district, on Wednesday, the report will bring 34 positive results. With this, the total number of Corona contingencies in the district has been 893. On Wednesday, 22 patients were discharged and rushed to their respective homes. So far, 581 patients have become healthy in the district. There are 310 active patients and the local population has been defeated. Here, the number of contagions in the district has started increasing rapidly for the last 3 weeks. The DM has also ordered the acceptance of any corona infected patient with a medical facility if he wants to get treatment at his home.

25 samples taken

There has been a stir since the corona positive report of several SKMCH personnel. 25 samples were taken on Wednesday. Meanwhile, a policeman was admitted when his health deteriorated.

Son of drugstore turns out to be corona positive

An ambulance team from the district took the said youth to SKMCH when the son of a drug shopkeeper was found to be Corona positive near Indradev Chowk in Napana Sahebganj.

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