“LOC to LAC, Fitting Reply …” PM Modi’s message to Pakistan, China

India’s soldiers have challenged anyone who challenges the sovereignty of the country “from LOC to LAC”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the country on its 74th Independence Day today.

“From LOC (Line of Control) to LAC (Line of Actual Control), whenever the sovereignty of India has been challenged, our soldiers have responded to them in their own language,” the Prime Minister gave a strong name to Pakistan and China without naming Said in the message.

Referring to the confrontation with China in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh in June, PM Modi said: “India’s integrity is supreme for us. What our soldiers can do, what the country can do, the world saw that today in Ladakh I salute everyone. ” Those brave soldiers from the Red Fort. ”

On June 15, 20 soldiers were martyred for the country in a clash with Chinese soldiers. With talks over the de-escalation deadlock, PM Modi’s words were seen as a strong warning to China, whether it is terrorism or expansionism, India is fighting both, the Prime Minister said.

He said, “Today the world stands with India and getting 184 votes out of 192 countries in the United Nations for a (non-permanent) seat on the UN Security Council is proof”. PM Modi wore saffron and white safa and a similar scarf, which he used as a mask, addressed the country from the Red Fort for the seventh consecutive year.

In an hour-long 26-minute speech, he focused on the themes of “Atma Nirbhay Bharat (Self-Reliant India)”, “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India to Make for the World”. He also paid tribute to them on the battlefront against coronavirus and announced that India has prepared a roadmap for the production and distribution of three COVID-19 vaccines that are in various stages of testing.

The Prime Minister underlined that there were no neighbours with whom India shared a border. Relations with neighbours depended on security, progress and trust, he said.

“A neighbour is not just someone who shares our borders but also those who share our hearts. Where the relationship is respected, it heats up. Today, more and more neighbourhoods in India are intimate. Relations are there. We are working together and are very mutual. Respect for each other, “the PM said.

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