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International Yoga Day: Corona attacks the respiratory system, ‘Pranayama’ helpful in strengthening immune system: PM Modi

The sixth International Yoga Day is being celebrated on 21st June. PM Modi was live at his Facebook handle and gave a 15-minute speech on International Yoga Day on Sunday.

According to him, International Yoga Day is a day of solidarity. It is the day of the message of universal brotherhood. During this crisis of Corona people around the world have been excited about it. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the world is feeling the need of yoga more than ever. He appealed to celebrate the Yoga Day with family at home, amid Corona epidemic. He explained the importance of yoga with 3 verses of Sanskrit:

Referring to the Gita and Lord Krishna sayings on yoga, he told about the skill of Karma, the meaning of yoga and the right food, the right sports, the right habits of sleeping and waking, and doing our work. He advised to include ‘Pranayama’ in our daily practice. There are many types of pranayama which strengthens the immune system. Try to learn other methods with ‘anulom-vilom’. It is helping people defeat corona disease. Yoga gives us the confidence that we can relieve stress. This gives us peace and endurance along with mental peace.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “What brings us together, that is the Yoga, what eliminate the distances, that is the Yoga.” He added that today we are away from group programs and doing yoga with family members at home. When everyone in the family gathers together, there is a coincidence of energy. It is also a day to increase our family bonding.

Due to Corona, the theme of Yoga Day this year has been ‘Yoga for Health, Yoga from Home’. The theme of this year’s Yoga Day is ‘Yoga for Health, Yoga from Home’.


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