Indian Railways cancel 100 trains as coronavirus precaution

According to official data” The Indian railways on Wednesday cancelled more than 100 trains due to low occupancy and as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus spread”.

Eleven trains were cancelled each in the west central railway and northern railway routes, 20 each from south central railway and northeast frontier railway, 32 from southern railway, five from east central railway.

Cancellations by other zones were not available at the time of filing.

Railways on Tuesday had issued a set of guidelines to zonal railways for its catering staff stating no employee having fever, cough, runny nose or difficulty in breathing “should be deployed in the business of food handling on the Indian Railways”.

On Tuesday Railways had cancelled 85 trains. Central railways cancelled 23 trains, south central railways 29 trains, western railways 10 trains, south eastern railways nine trains, east coast and northern railways five trains each and north western railways cancelled four trains.

As a precautionary measure, most railway zones also increased the prices of their platform tickets to discourage large crowds.


Coronavirus in India: State-wise total number of confirmed cases

Maharashtra: 38

Kerala: 22

Haryana: 14 (all foreigners)

Uttar Pradesh: 12 (including one foreigners)

Delhi: 7

Karnataka: 7

Rajasthan: 4 (including two foreigners)

Ladakh: 3

Telangana: 3

Jammu and Kashmir: 2

Andhra Pradesh: 1

Punjab: 1

Tamil Nadu: 1

Coronavirus helpline number and e-mail id

Union Health Ministry has activated a toll-free 24×7 national helpline number, 1075, to address queries related to the infection. Anyone seeking information can also call on the number 011-23978046.

Precautions for Coronavirus?

— Wash your hands thoroughly with soap

— Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unclean hands

— Avoid close contact with people who are sick

— Avoid public gatherings


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