Indian railway will terminate services of 13000 absentee employees

Indian railway has acknowledged more than 13000 employees who are on unauthorized long-term leave. Under the direction of Piyush Goyal, railway minister, they all will set to be terminated their services under the disciplinary action.

This step is taken to improve the overall performance of the organization. It also aims to enhance the confidence of sincere as well as hard-working employees. As per the statement by railway ‘a massive drive to recognize long-term absentees in numerous departments has been started.  As a result, Indian railways have noted more than 13000 employees out of 13 lakh employees who are unauthorised. They are recognized as they are on a long time leave.’

The maximum number of absent employees about 1752 was found in East Central railway, i.e. the Hajipur zone. These employees are on long leave for a long time without any reason. Till now no actions were taken against them. Indian railway also has not given any kind of reasons on this matter.

Secondly, the employees of Central Railway found to be absent for a long time without any reason. They are about 1375 employees out of 10,3527 employees who are noted as absent. Action against these 1097 absent employees has been initiated. Till date, about 206 employees are sacked, and about 186 have been removed. For remaining 278 employees, DAR action will be initiated very soon.

Thirdly out of the total staff of about 90,204 employees about 1476 employees found to be absent from Southern railway. DAR action against 835 employees has been initiated. In Northern railway, about 133 employees have been found absent, and action aligned with them has also been in progress. In the same way, 1214 employees of Eastern railway were also noted to be on long-term leave without any reason. No action against them has been taken till date.

The disciplinary actions have been taken under the rules to terminate these employees who are in the list of absentees. As per the statement ‘Indian railway has ordered all supervisors as well an officers to weed out these listed employees from the employee’s rolls after ‘.

Indian railway is recognized to be one of the world’s largest employers. As per the announced budget on 1st  February 2018, Northern Railways has allocated 9000 crore rupees for 2018-19. On the other hand, Southern Railways will get about 7500 crore rupees.

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