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India told UN use of Terrorism as an instrument of state policy cannot be tolerated

India told the UN that use of terrorism as a tool of national policy cannot be tolerated. Yedla Umasankar, legal adviser and chief secretary at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN supposed that “utilisation of terrorism as an instrument of State Policy cannot be bearable. Those who have taken an alternative to it have perpetually suffered themselves proving the age-old truism that those who play with the sword, have to die by it.”

Addressing a UN group on “Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism”, Umasankar supposed that the brawl against terrorism had to be inexorable and fought across all fronts.

The Indian envoy alleged “The international community cannot pay for discerning approaches in the trade with terrorist squads or dismantling the infrastructure of terrorism. We must step up our joint efforts with real-time collaboration among member states to tackle the scourge of terrorism directly and decisively”.

India remains intensely concerned regarding the issue of financing terrorism, officials supposed.

India stalwartly condemned direct or indirect financial help given to terrorist groups or individual members thereof by countries or its machinery. As it helps them to pursue their activities, counting in defending the criminal cases relating terrorist acts against them.

Umasankar alleged, “We have been at the forefront of global counter-terrorism efforts and are a fraction of all the key global initiatives, counting the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).”

Chinese delegate Shi Xiaobin insists that counterterrorism efforts must firmly fulfil with international law. He added  “In the fight adjacent to terrorism, we must support the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. We must respect the power, independence and territorial veracity of the countries concerned, and abide by the rules of international law regarding the use of force and criminal punishment.”

China urged the General Assembly to speed up its efforts to conclude and adopt the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, in order to further perk up the international legal framework in this regard.

China, which has frequently been blocking India’s try to designate Mumbai terrorist attack brains, Hafeez Saeed, he supposed over the past year, has occupied in consultations and connections with more than ten countries in the area of counter-terrorism and safety.

It has also swap views with our interlocutors on the matter such as international and regional counter-terrorism condition and bilateral counter-terrorism cooperation.

According to Xiaobin, China played an energetic part in the establishment of the BRICS Counter-Terrorism Working Group,  attended its first gathering, and played host to its second meeting.

He added that “The initial China-Russia-India informal meeting on counter-terrorism was held in Beijing”.


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