In 24 hours Coronavirus Cases in India crossed the benchmark of 20,000 with 652 death toll

According to the health minister on Wednesday India reported 1486 new cases of Coronavirus now the total numbers reached to 20471 along with 49 new death which roses death toll at 652 within 24 hours . The government also said on Monday that “there was an improvement in the number of recovered patients and led to rising the recovery rate by 19.6 percent on Monday morning along with 618 cured patients”.

The health officials thanked the central government for the national lockdown from March 25 to May 3 because the speed of virus transmission is slow but still continues to rise in cases.

Health Ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal said on Monday that before the lockdown COVID-19 was rising at a doubling rate that was the total number of days it takes infection to multiply by two had risen to 7.5 days, up from 3.4 days before the lockdown. This is an extremely positive signal.

The spread of virus rises from 211 districts to 403 districts while six major cities increased by 45 percent of total cases across India.
These cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Indore, and Jaipur. Whereas Mumbai is on the top of the list by registering 3000 cases till now while Delhi has 2,081 cases, Gujarat at 1,298, Indore at 915, and Jaipur by 537.

More than 60 percent of the cases are from just the top five states – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu.
On Monday, the government gave permission to open some factories and businesses of rural areas because due to lockdown crores of people running out of work and shortage of food even though absent staff and broken supply chains scuppered the efforts.

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