IIT becomes Covid-19 hotspot, students allege 71 people infected with COVID due to ‘mess’.

Although the spike of Covid-19 cases has decreased in the country, its consequences are still seen in many parts of the country. IIT Madras saw a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases, which had forced the closure of several departments. In the last one month, 71 people have been affected by coronavirus cases. As many as 700 people have been tested for coronavirus. Therefore, professors and students have been asked to work from home again. Everyone takes off their face masks while eating in the mess so care should be taken to minimize the crowd. However, the students have alleged that care is not taken in this regard.

The administration says only 10 percent of the population was allowed to stay on campus. As well as everyone’s testing is being conducted and the packed food is sent to the students. Research scholars who wish to return are allowed but after returning from their native place they will be quarantined for a few days in the centre. Due to Covid-19, rules have prepared for working and everyone follows them while working.

The total number of Covid-19 victims in the country is 98.84 lakh. Out of which 93.87 lakh patients have been cured. 1.43 lakh people have died. 3.51 lakh patients are undergoing treatment. On December 13, 76,363 patients were discharged on the same day.


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