Heavy fire at the power station in Telangana; 9 employees suspected to trapped inside; rescue in progress

The fire broke out on late Thursday night at Left Bank Power House in Srisailam in Telangana. A firearm is currently deployed from Etamakur Fire Station, Kurnool. Ten people were rescued, 6 of whom are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Srisailam. It is believed that nine people may still be stranded.

Police and fire brigade teams are trying to get to the site of the fire to know the reason behind the fire. The place where the fire was ignited is now under the control. However, due to smoke, fire extinguishers are having difficulty in the rescue operation.

Rescue efforts are ongoing to rescue the people who trapped in the accident. Initial reports suggested that a fire broke out from the short circuit and thick smoke engulfed the place on sight. Out of the 17 people present at the scene, 8 have been evacuated safely through the tunnel. The stranded people include six TS Genco employees and three private company employees. A team of firefighters is trying to rescue the stranded people, including a deputy engineer and assistant engineers.

Telangana ministers Jagdish Reddy and TS Genco CMD Prabhakar Rao reached the spot and are monitoring the rescue efforts. Reddy said that the first unit of the power station had an accident and four panels were damaged. He said that rescue workers are unable to enter the tunnel due to dense smoke. Rescue personnel are being brought from Singareni Colliery to support rescue operations. For your information, the Srisailani Dam is situated across the Krishna River which acts as the boundary between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

At the same time, such an incident has also come to light in Puducherry. A fire broke out at a boat manufacturing factory near Coconut Harbor here today (Friday). Currently, eight fire tenders are extinguishing the fire. Mudaliarpet police are investigating to find out the cause of the fire

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