Guidelines issued for Unlock 2.0; government training centres can be resumed from July 15

The picture is now clear for Unlock 2.0 after Unlock 1.0. Among all the announcements, it was decided that the decision for resuming international flights along with school and colleges will take place in June. But the guidelines 2.0 states that these things will continue to be close till July end. The guidelines for Unlock 1.0 were of 7 pages and now the number of pages has decreased to 4, i.e., the guidelines for Unlock 2.0 are of 4 pages.

Will Unlock 2.0 be implemented in whole country?

No. The lockdown will continue in containment zones.

What will continue to remain close till July 31?

  • School, College, Education and Coaching Institute. Online and distant education will be focused here.
  • International Air Travel
  • Metro
  • Entertainment Park, Theatre, Bar, Auditorium, Assembly Hall
  • Social, Political, Sports, Entertainment, Academic and Cultural gathering

New things which will be Unlocked in this phase

1)      Training Institutes of Government

  • The training centres under central and state government can be opened from July 15 but with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • The SOP will be issued in a few days by the Department of Personnel and Training.

2)      More people allowed at shops

  • More than 5 customers can be allowed according to the location of the shop. However, social distancing will have to be kept in mind according to space in the shop.

3)      One hour decreased from curfew hours

  • The curfew hours are now from 10 pm to 5 am. Previously the time of curfew was from 9 pm to 5 am.
  • In this phase, vehicles carrying loads on state and national highways are allowed. The loading and unloading of cargo can be done in night curfew.

4)      There will be an increase in domestic flights and trains

  • According to new guidelines, there will be an increase in the operation of trains and flights. Previously, the operation of trains and planes were limited.

5)      Repeated phrases in every guideline

  • People above 65 and children below 10 along with pregnant ladies and patients suffering from the serious disease should not step out from homes.
  • Mandatory installation of Aarogya Setu App in every employee cell phone coming to the office.
  • Only emergency services are to be provided in the containment zone.
  • State the government can identify buffer zones out of containment zone. Buffer zones are the areas where there is a higher risk of new patients.
  • According to the condition of the state, the ban can be imposed outside the containment zone by the state government.
  • Mask is necessary for public places. A distance of 2 yards to be maintained.
  • Marriage can be done with 50 guests and last rites can be done with 20 people.

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