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Google wants to improve Android messenger app against iMessage

Rich Communication Service or RCS isn’t an extra term in the telecommunication locale. It is, as it were, a refreshed form of the SMS benefit that you utilize frequently. RCS can boost location sharing, file sharing, single and group chats, multimedia and so forth. Google is at the bleeding edge of RCS and is presently redirecting more powers towards the specific stage. Accordingly, it has been planned to develop it, Android messenger, once more.

The report adds that Google is intending to actualize RCS that will bring the application up against Apple’s iMessage.

It merits including that Apple’s iMessage as of now has the majority of the highlights that RCS publicize in any case; the stage is constrained to Apple’s own particular biological community.

Google messenger, be that as it may, is a transporter based administration and not something originating from Google straightforwardly. Likewise specified is that Google messenger won’t be end-to-end scrambled, not at all like Apple’s iMessage. Google is as of now in converses with a few carriers around the world for the execution of RCS or Chat in their informing framework. Furthermore, a few handsets have Android messenger as their default messaging application.

Samsung is additionally said to help Chat benefits in its default informing application. In the event that you particularly need to utilize Google’s stock messaging application, it can be downloaded whenever from the Play Store.

Dissimilar to SMS, the new form will take up some measure of information, yet everything relies upon the telecom transporters.

Besides, the report expresses that RCS improvements will now be led by Anil Sabharwal, who prior used to head Google Photos. The whole Allo squad is said to have been moved to the RCS venture, expresses the report.

Allo was propelled two years back and was one of the principal applications in light of Google Assistant. Google is creating a foremost change to the way Android messenger grips text messages, and it’s a straight attempt to reside aggressive with Apple’s iMessage supremacy.

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