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Farmers’ Protest: SC in support of farmers protesting peacefully.

SC chooses not to give it's consent on the legitimisation of the farmers bill.

While the government of India seems nowhere to be interested in paving a fair path for the farmers, the Supreme Court has opened up with its views on the ongoing farmer’s protest. A special bench on Thursday validated the rights to protest if it is non-violent.


Farmers, who have been protesting around the Delhi borders have assumed the Supreme Court’s decision as to their moral victory. The Supreme Court conducted the hearing via video conferencing. The bench headed by Justice S. A. Bobde comprises Justice A.S. Bopanna and Justice V. Ramasubramanian. The bench made it very clear that it has no objections to the peacefully protesting farmers. 


The Supreme Court bench stated that it will set up a committee inclusive of representatives from both, the government and the farmers’ union. “We wish to facilitate that,” the Supreme Court says, mentioning that the purpose of protest will be validated if both the government and the farmers come together for a fair discussion.


However, SC held back it’s consent on the farmer bill. Farmers of Punjab and Haryana had been protesting against the farmers’ bill passed in both the houses during the September session. Since the very beginning, the bill received outrageous allegations. 

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