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Dhaman – 1 : the fake ventilators to address the pandemic emergency

The Rajkot based private company “Breathing Apparatus” was promoted by CM Rupani when the largest COVID-19 hospital seeks the urgent help of the center. He even inaugurated the Gujarat-made ventilators at Ahmadabad Civil Hospital. He inaugurated the hospital on 4 April by visiting the worst-hit city of the State. But now, it is shameful for the Gujarat Government as these ventilators were donated by CM friend, Parakramsinh Jadeja.

This came out after 15 days the machines were installed in several hospitals. This shows that Artificial Manual Breathing Unit installed in the name of ventilators is not just a crime but also shows that anything can happen under the rule of Rupani.

On April 4, Gujarat CM said that this is a great achievement for Gujarat as the cheap ventilators were developed because in the present scenario where the entire world is facing the shortage of ventilators due to COVID-19 pandemic.

According to reports when CM was tries to contacted, he was not available but a bureaucrat closed to him said that CM didn’t called them ventilator in first place.When the press note was dug out, it clearly stated that the ventilator ‘Dhaman-1’ cost less than Rs 1 lakh per piece and were developed in a very short span of 10 days. The CM also stated that these ventilators are a great contribution towards the “Make in India, Make in Gujarat campaign”. Later Vijay and Patel congratulated the manufacturer and his team for their achievement.

According to reports, Jadeja admitted that it is not full fledged ventilator and was communicated to the government in advance. He added that there are several modes of ventilator and this is made to overcome the emergency. Also, the manufacturer are developing ‘Dhaman-3’ which will be a full fledged ventilator. The manufacturer stated that they will upgrade all the ventilators supplied and installed at various government hospitals.

Despite having Dhaman-1 machines, the state government has sent a request for 300 full fledged ventilator in the requirement of 1500 ventilators. Head of 1200 COVID- 19 bed hospital said, “the government asked us what we wanted and at the behest of our expert doctors who are handling the ICU, we sought high-end ventilators for our hospital”

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