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Delhi High Court becomes strict on oxygen shortage in the COVID19 period said country is running on God trust

Expressing concern over the lack of oxygen in hospitals, the Delhi High Court on Thursday said that the condition of Covid infection in the capital has reached a very dangerous state. The High Court pulled up the central government for not ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen to Delhi even after the order, saying, “We all know that the country is running on the trust of God”.

The bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli has made this sobering remark, ordering the central government to ensure the supply of oxygen allocated to Delhi without any hassle. Expressing displeasure with the government, the bench said that we all know God is running the country. The bench also ordered the government to take all necessary steps to ensure a planned oxygen supply to Delhi. The High Court has said that the government can do whatever it wants, even the land and sky can be united. The High Court has ordered all concerned authorities to ensure adherence to the orders passed under the Disaster Management Act to ensure strict compliance with central government directives. Under this, no one will be banned from moving from one state to another, including individuals, goods, medical oxygen.

Along with this, the High Court has directed the Central Government to ensure the supply of oxygen allocated to Delhi without any hassle so that the lives of patients can be saved. The court said that the order of allocation of oxygen by the central government should be strictly followed, otherwise criminal action will be taken.

The bench said that the central government has allocated oxygen from the plants located in Panipat and other states of Haryana to Delhi, but the local police and administration are not following it. The bench directed the Center to find an immediate solution to the problem in time. The court has directed the central government to provide complete protection to the vehicle carrying oxygen from these plants and transport them to Delhi by a special corridor. The court gave this instruction when the Delhi government said that the police were letting the gas allocated from the Panipat Haryana plant in Haryana be taken by the police there. At the same time, the government said that there is a problem in taking allotted oxygen from the plant located in Uttar Pradesh.

Action will be taken against those who obstruct oxygen supply

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Center, told the Bench that action would be taken against any person or any officer if there is any difficulty or obstruction in taking oxygen from the plant or on the way. Mehta has said that instructions have been given to the authorities in this regard. He also said that if a person creates trouble, in such a situation, the oxygen vehicle will be given protection. The court gave this order while hearing the petition filed on behalf of Saroj Hospital Management. Earlier, Max Hospital had also filed a petition seeking to ensure oxygen supply. The Ministry of Home Affairs informed the High Court that there would be no problem in the transportation of oxygen.

Ensure availability of oxygen in hospitals under any circumstances.

The High Court had on Wednesday night lashed out at the Central Government for the lack of oxygen in hospitals across the country, including the capital. Taking this seriously, the High Court had directed the Central Government to stop supplying oxygen gas to industrial units with immediate effect and send it to hospitals to save the lives of patients infected with corona due to lack of oxygen.

A bench of justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli, during a night-long hearing on Wednesday, ordered the central government to ensure the availability of oxygen for Covid patients in hospitals. The Bench has said that it seems that people’s lives are not important for the government. The High Court said that the Center did not take any step to supply oxygen to hospitals even after our Tuesday order. The High Court said that we do not have any sense from where you will bring oxygen. By begging, borrowing or stealing, or setting up a new plant, but ensure supply of oxygen to the patients at all costs in the hospitals.

The High Court has said that we cannot close our eyes after seeing people dying due to lack of oxygen. The High Court has said that the reality is that there is a shortage of oxygen throughout the country, including Delhi. The bench made this comment when the central government said that there has been an increase in oxygen production up to 1000 MT in the last few days. At the same time, the center said that we are giving oxygen to the steel plant and giving it to the hospitals. The bench gave the order on a petition filed by Max Hospital management.

The court objected to bringing oxygen from the airplane 

The Delhi government suggested in the High Court that it could be transported by special aircraft to ensure immediate oxygen supply. To this, the Bench said that research done by his law researcher suggests that airlifting oxygen can be dangerous. Also, the bench said that oxygen can be brought either by road or by rail.



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