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COVID-19 India update:  The number hiked up to 8444 in last 24 hours; total 2.65 lakh cases; number of active cases is now equal to number of recovered

The total number of cases is now 2 lakh 65 thousand 928. But a good thing is that the number of active cases in the country is now almost equal to number of patients recovered. According to, as of Tuesday morning the number of active cases is 1 lakh 29 thousand 345 and the number of recovered patients is 1 lakh 29 thousand 95.

The recovery rate is increasing in Brazil and Russia

The worst hit country by corona includes Brazil and Russia where the number of active cases and numbers of recovered have the least difference. The numbers are displayed below:

Brazil: 7, 10,887 total cases; 3, 47,973 active cases; 3, 25,602 recovered

Russia: 4, 76,658 total cases; 2, 39,999 active cases; 2, 30,688 recovered

The number of infectious people has crossed 50,000

The number of cases in Mumbai has crossed 50,000 where 1702 have lost their lives to this virus. However, the number of cases in the state is 88 thousand 528 which is more than the number of cases in China. The rate of recovery is increasing than the rate of cases recorded.

On the other hand, the central health ministry have issued the condition of country in numbers. They stated that 9987 cases have recorded in last 24 hours and 331 people have died. With this, the number of total cases in country have reached to 2 lakh 66 thousand 598 including 1 lakh 29 thousand 917 active cases and 1 lakh 29 thousand 215 recovered. The death toll of country is 7466.

5 days with highest case recorded

June 8: 8444 cases

June 7: 10884 cases

June 6: 10428 cases

June 5: 9379 cases

June 4: 9847 cases

The condition of 5 states

  1. Madhya Pradesh: on Monday 237 new cases were recorded and 2 patients lost their lives. Total number of cases in the state is 9638 including 2688 active cases. The virus has claimed 414 lives till now. The decision to open religious places will be taken till June 15.


  1. Uttar Pradesh: On Monday 411 cases were recorded and 8 people died due to virus. As of now the total cases in the state is 10 thousand 947 including 4320 active cases the death toll in the state is 283. All the religious places in the state are now open after 75 days excluding all the temples/religious places in containment zone. The worship in Varanasi temple will start from Tuesday.


  1. Maharashtra: on Monday 2554 new cases were recorded and 109 people have lost their lives. The number of positive cases in Mumbai has crossed 50000. Total 88 thousand 529 cases have been recorded in the state including 44 thousand 385 active cases and 3169 deaths. In Maharashtra 5 lakh 85 thousand 463 people have been quarantined in their homes and 28 thousand 504 people were quarantined in other places.


  1. Rajasthan: on Monday 277 new cases along with 6 deaths were recorded in the state. The total number of confirmed cases. The number of total cases is now 10 thousand 876 including 2520 active cases this virus have claimed 246 lives in the state as of now.



  1. Bihar: On Monday 177 along with 1 death were recorded. Total number of cases in state is 5247 including 2647 active cases were as 31 patients have died due to this virus.

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