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Court Seeks Footage On Search At Office Of Advocate For Delhi Riots Accused

A court on Friday sought a status report from Delhi police in response to a search conducted by them at the office premises of advocate Mehmood Pracha, a lawyer who was representing some of the accused in the north-east Delhi riots cases.

Mehmood Pracha in his application to the court mentioned that the investigation officer (IO) threatened him about putting false allegations against him and arresting him for the same.

Besides seeking the status report by January 5, the court also directed the IO of the case, admissible to which the search was conducted on Thursday, to remain present before it on December 27, the next date of hearing, along with the entire video footage of any search conducted by the team in Pracha’s office premises.

The court took necessary actions in accordance with the application submitted by Advocate Pracha stating that a search was conducted at his office from 12 noon on December 24 and till 03:00 AM on December 25 approximately and according to the law, the IO should have intimated forthwith the search and the seized articles to the Magistrate concerned.

He submitted that, however, the same was not done and therefore, he filed an application in that regard.

Mr. Pracha further appealed that the entire search was recorded as per court order and that he was entitled to a copy of the video footage.

“The applicant has further stated that one Rajiv and the IO have threatened him that they will make a false case against him. Accordingly, the applicant has filed for continuous monitoring of the case,” the court noted.

The court directed the IO to file a reply to Pracha”s application.

“Heard. Record perused. IO is directed to file a reply to the application… by December 27. IO is further directed to remain present in court along with entire video footage of any search conducted by him of office premises of the applicant,” Duty Magistrate Anshul Singhal said.

The judge further directed the IO to file a status report in the case and submit it to the jurisdiction as specified on January 5.

The Delhi police had alleged that lawyer Pracha forged documents and instigated a man to depose falsely in connection with a case related to the violence in the north-east regions of Delhi in February 2020.

Advocate Pracha has been representing various accused of the violence and riots that took place in Delhi regarding the CAA and NRC passed by the government.  The protests turned into riots and about 53 people were killed and many more were injured.