Coronil : Will Patanjali’s medicine work as a Coronavirus cure ?

Patanjali Yogpeeth, Yog Guru Baba Ramdev’s company has made claims on finding a medicine to Covid-19 which is purely based on Ayurvedic science. Unlike immunity boosters, Coronil and Swasari, the medicines are claimed to cure Covid-19 . Ramdev baba told the media in a press conference that Patanjali’s medicines showed “100 per cent favourable results” in clinical trials.


The medicine, Coronil was possible due to the collaboration between Patanjali Research Centre and Nizam I Institute of Medical Sciences. In a press conference Ramdev Baba claimed that the medicine would be effective in 3-14 days of consumption. Patanjali had priced its Corona kit at Rs 545 and said it could be used for 30 days. However Baba expressed his desire to sell them for free for people below the poverty line.


However the tale takes a twist here, as the ministry of Ayush maintained in a statement that it had no details of the scientific study behind the medicines. The ministry put a stop to the already airing advertisements till the medicine was properly investigated.


If Baba Ramdev’s claims are to be believed, the medicines were tested on 95 positive patients out of which 69 percent patients recovered within 3 days and the rest within 7 days. Tests have been performed on all types of corona positive patients except those who are highly infected and are on ventilation support. “Trials on the infected people who are on a ventilation support system are still due,” he told Press Trust of India.


While asymptomatic people and people with low infections are said to get well on their own or through hospitalized treatment, the arrival of Coronil makes us question. Is Coronil the cure we all were praying for or a scam to lure people into buying the product? Only Time will tell.

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