CM Kejriwal wrote a letter to industrialists of the country, said- help to overcome the oxygen crisis

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written to the country’s top industrialists seeking their help in the ongoing oxygen crisis in the national capital. The Chief Minister has written in the letter, “Please help the Delhi government if you have oxygen and tankers. Help us in whatever you can.”

Earlier on Sunday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced to extend the lockdown implemented in Delhi for another week, saying that the situation of Covid-19 in Delhi remains critical and the infection rate reached a high of 36 percent in the last few days.

Kejriwal said that the lockdown imposed on the night of 19 April will continue till 5 am on May 3. He said, “We will have to see the situation for a few more days whether the cases decrease or increase.” The first lockdown in the national capital was to end at five in the morning of 26 April.

The Chief Minister said that a portal has been created to monitor the availability of oxygen and it has been decided that producers, suppliers, and hospitals will update supply and consumption information every two hours. He said that the central government has increased Delhi’s quota of oxygen by 10 tonnes per day, which is expected that the disorganized situation regarding oxygen will end in a few days.

Kejriwal said, “The central government has increased Delhi’s (oxygen) quota from 480 tonnes per day to 490 tonnes. But we have not got the full quota yet. At the moment, we are getting 330–335 tonnes of supplies daily. ” The Chief Minister said that his government is getting a lot of support from the Center and both are coordinating properly to solve the problem of oxygen supply.

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